Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Blasts Trump As ‘Dictator’


Donald Trump preens when people come up to him at his resort Mar-a-Lago and call him “king.” Clearly, the president has a thing for dictators, with Trump’s admiration for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on the verge of being lovestruck. Just yesterday, POTUS led the Daytona 500 with a presidential motorcade that was at best discomforting.

Trump was a grandmaster of the races and decided it would be fun to have a display of the cars he rides in takes a turn around the track. He referred to himself as “king” in a recent tweet. President Ronald Reagan’s daughter had a few choice words to say about that.

In an exclusive, The Daily Beast  just published a fiery column by Patti Davis where she wrote about a grade school experience. Her history teacher asked them:

‘When I was in grade school, my history teacher asked us, “What is the most perfect form of government?” It was kind of a trick question, because when most of us named our American democracy as the correct answer, he said no.’

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Naturally, the students wanted to say “our American Democracy, but they would have been wrong in this teacher’s opinion. He told them the correct answer was “a benevolent dictator:”

‘He told us that the ideal government is a benevolent dictator. He even put it in a test, and we all answered the way he wanted us to, just to get a good grade.’

Davis remarked that her father talked about government have become “too big” and “took too much” of taxpayers money:

‘My father talked a lot about government at home—that it had gotten too big and took too much of people’s money. So, one night at the dinner table, I told him what I’d learned in school—that the most perfect form of government is a benevolent dictator.’

Screen-Shot-2020-02-17-at-8.39.47-AM Ronald Reagan's Daughter Blasts Trump As 'Dictator' Corruption Crime Donald Trump Featured Top Stories

Over the dinner table, his daughter explained what she had just learned in school about a “benevolent dictation.” President Reagan came back with “dictators are never benevolent.” People who become dictators are dictators to “control people:”

He gave me his one-eyebrow-raised look, his mouth turned hard, and he said: “That is not true. Dictators are never benevolent, that’s why they’re dictators. They want to control people, hold onto their own power, and not allow people to be free. America has the most perfect government.”’

Then, the president asked Davis an important question:

‘You are studying the Constitution, right?’

The president’s daughter spoke about a friend of the Reagans. She wore the tattooed number of a concentration camp survivor:”

‘I knew a lot about dictators when I was a kid. My parents had a friend who had numbers tattooed on her arm. She was at our home often, and I knew the story about how she was put into a concentration camp with her family when she was a child, and only she and her mother survived. I had seen photographs of Nazi soldiers herding Jewish people into cattle cars. I asked my father once why the people didn’t turn and trample the soldiers—they outnumbered them by a lot. He told me they were too afraid. When people are frightened, he said, anything can be done to them.’

Screen-Shot-2020-02-17-at-8.40.26-AM Ronald Reagan's Daughter Blasts Trump As 'Dictator' Corruption Crime Donald Trump Featured Top Stories

Davis spoke about “how frightened people are of Donald Trump,” including the Republican senators:

‘Almost on a daily basis now, we hear about how frightened people are of Donald Trump—Republican Senators, people working in the White House in various capacities, apparently many in the Department of Justice,” she explained. “They fear his wrath and his insatiable appetite for revenge. Those of us who are horrified at the dismantling of our democracy fear him because he may very well be destroying more than we can ever rebuild.’

Then, Davis talked about Trump’s “crudeness,” “cruelty,” and disregard for our Constitution:

‘We run the risk, it seems to me, of forgetting what the presidency is supposed to be. We are so bombarded with the crudeness of Donald Trump, his cruelty and wanton disregard for the tenets of our Constitution, that the image of a president who has a moral compass, reveres our democracy and follows its laws is fading from our collective psyche.’

Reagan’s daughter ended with an admonition to remember “who a president is supposed to be.” Then she added the way we do that was “remember who we are supposed to be:”

‘We will never save this democracy until we remember what it feels like to have as our president someone who puts democracy above personal, selfish interests. We need to remember who a president is supposed to be, and we do that by remembering who we are supposed to be.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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