SDNY Federal Investigation Targets Giuliani Associates


It appears that Donald Trump has grabbed former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani by the neck in preparation for throwing him under the next bus. The president’s private attorney apparently did not think what happened to Trump’s previous private attorney, who sits in federal prison, would happen to him. He was wrong.

Two of Giuliani’s business associates Lev Parnas and David Correla have been under that watchful eye of the Southern District of New York (SDNY) federal attorneys. They have been considering whether to charge him with misleading possible investors in the Fraud Guarantee company. That company paid Giuliani $500,000.

As the attorneys investigated Fraud Guarantee, that brought them ever closer to the former mayor. Specifically, they questioned whether Giuliani had any role in marketing the company.

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Attorney for Parnas Joseph Bondy said, CNN reported:

‘We have taken into account prosecutors’ statements that they might bring additional charges against Mr. Parnas and others since the inception of this case. We are therefore not surprised, and remain prepared to defend Mr. Parnas against any such charges.’

Attorney Randy Zelin released a statement last November which read:

‘Pursuant to the written agreements Mr. Gucciardo entered into with the Company, his investment, which was and remains a loan to the Company, was paid to Giuliani Partners LLC on the Company’s behalf, pursuant to the Company’s written instructions.’

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Zelin claimed that Gucciardo went with the investment given Giuliani’s reputation and the Fraud Guarantee connection. In addition, he could trade the loan for an equity stake in this business:

‘[Gucciardo] believed what Mr. Giuliani did for LifeLock, Mr. Giuliani could and would do for the Company.’

Guiliani has been under investigation regarding his attempts to smear US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch when the president could have fired her with a simple letter or even a phone call to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Also, the SDNY has been checking into Trump’s attack on his presidential opponent former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

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According to CNN, the FBI has been busy looking into the issue:

‘FBI agents and prosecutors interviewed investors who were pitched on the company, and through subpoenas have obtained text messages and other documents related to the effort. One person with knowledge of the company has said the men spent proceeds from investors on pricey personal expenses.’

Parnas, Correia, and another Parnas associate Igor Fruman plus Andrey Kukushkin may have charges brought against them. Kukushkin was involved with a marijuana venture involving the former mayor. They will be going to court in early October, which could look bad for Trump’s presidential campaign.

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