Video Exposes Trump Lying His Ass Off About Coronavirus


People noticed that Donald Trump’s behavior changed dramatically last week. From the time news of the COVID 19 in China first emerged, the president tried to bluster it off as a hoax, blaming the Democrats. All this when Americans realized this is not a Democratic problem or a Republican problem. It is an American problem.

Suddenly, last week Trump was doing his somber best British Prime Minister Winston Churchhill impression. Does he practice in the mirror? It was as if he walked through a reality door. Unfortunately, that impression did not last long.

Why the change? There are two possible reasons for the personality shift. He saw former Vice President Joe Biden give a presidential speech about the pandemic and wanted to do one, too. The other alternative is that people close to him appealed to his ego and suggested this is a war, and he is a general — or both.

Clearly, Trump knew about the virus all along. Yet, in his thinking, sickness is a weakness. Remember how he went around brazenly shaking hands and sitting next to an aide to the Brazilian president, a man who tested positive for coronavirus?

Now, the commander-in-chief is trying to rewrite history again, insisting he always took the pandemic seriously. Unfortunately for him, the video shows POTUS downplaying how dangerous this disease is six weeks ago — time that he should have spent gearing up for the COVID 19 tsunami certain to hit.

Unfortunately, his rabid followers believed Trump and followed his lead. One Oklahoma politician boasted about going to a restaurant with his young children and urging others to do the same.

In February, Trump noted that they “are all getting better” and our country would have “close to zero” cases of the virus.

Moving into February, we see clips of Trump saying things such as people who have been infected with the disease “are all getting better” and claiming that the U.S. would soon have “close to zero” cases of the virus. He boasted that the coronavirus would just “disappear, it’s like a miracle.”

In March, he lied about “vaccines” that would be ready “relatively soon.” All the immunologists knew that such a virus is a year to 18 months away. He claimed that the numbers of Americans with the virus were “lower than just about everybody.” The reason for that is Trump did not provide tests that would show his lie for what it was. Instead, he hid them and kept a Petri dish ship off-shore to “keep his numbrtd down.”

His administration knew otherwise and offered dire warnings about the ferocity of COVID-19. Those people no long appear before the cameras.

Around St. Patrick’s Day, the president said:

‘I’ve felt that it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.’

Then, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski’s blew the commander-in-chief’s spin of lies apart by posting a video on Twitter. This is what the journalist wrote:

‘This video from @therecount pretty vividly shows Trump’s weeks of downplaying and spinning coronavirus and the U.S. lack of preparations.

— andrew kaczynski🤔 (@KFILE) March 19, 2020′

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