State Official Mocks Trump For Sending Wrong Masks


Donald Trump is wont to approach life in a slap-dash manner rather than strategically. Perhaps, he does not understand any other way of operating. As a result, serious mistakes quickly rise to the surface as America’s major cities face the coronavirus.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) held a press conference to let people know how the federal government’s response to his state’s call for protective medical masks went awry. The governor said that the White House sent his state the wrong kind of medical mask in its recent shipment.

When the 300,000 masks arrived, his people found that instead of the N95 respirator masks, the shipment contained surgical masks, CNN reported. The former are necessary to keep the virus from penetrating them. The surgical masks cannot stop coronavirus.

At the governor’s news conference, he noted that “the N95 masks that were promised” were missing:

‘My team is sorting through the shipment of 300,000 N95 masks the White House personally told me would be sent to our state, and while we do not have a final count on this yet, I can say with certainty that what they sent were not the N95 masks that were promised but instead were surgical masks, which is not what we asked for.’

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Pritzker urged the “federal government to step up:”

‘I can’t emphasize enough how much we need the federal government to step up and amplify the size of their (personal protective equipment) deliveries to Illinois and, frankly, across the nation.’

America’s 45th president has been dueling with Democratic governors. While he provides Republican governors what they want, those in the Democratic Party are not as lucky. Trump has withheld vital health care needs, even going so far as to cancel their orders.

Governors of the Democratic persuasion have been trying to comply with POTUS’ request for public compliments while facing their ever more dire coronavirus cases. This handicaps them, as they strive to move around Trump’s IED’s of federal government mishandling the testing and protective equipment distribution.

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Last week, POTUS accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of hoarding the ventilators. He apparently did not grasp the concept of gearing up to prepare for war against the invisible enemy.

When it came to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the president noted he had a “big problem” with the “young” “woman governor.” He insulted her, saying she was “way in over her head.” He added that she “doesn’t have a clue” when she requested medical equipment from his administration.

Pritzker said he had received three shipments of personal protective equipment from the federal government:

‘[He said he had asked for] 1.2 million N95 maska, 900,000 surgical masks, 1.6 million gloves, 24,000 gowns, 24,000 goggles, 120,000 face shields and 4,000 respirators.’

Unfortunately, the Illinois governor had only obtained “a fraction” of that number from his first and second requests. Pritzker urged the president to implement the Defense Production Act. This means corporate America must retool to produce more medical equipment and supplies. Thus far, Trump has only requested General Motors to make more ventilators as the number of ill patients increases.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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