Biden Embarrasses Trump During ‘ABC Sunday’ Take-Down


President Donald Trump has faced steep criticism throughout his response to the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, including from former Vice President and likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who’s unveiled a slew of his own plans that he says should be implemented — and he’s already got the experience to back him up, since he was involved in pandemic preparation and response in the Obama era. This weekend on ABC, Biden shamed Trump for failing to undertake the basic step of even following the science amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

Trump’s dismissal of the science has gotten so extreme that at a recent White House press conference, he again touted an unproven malaria drug as a supposed Coronavirus cure, suggesting that people should take it and questioning what they’ve “got to lose” from giving it a shot.

Trump has also, more broadly, frequently derided efforts to keep social distancing demands in place as part of the campaign to stem the spread of the virus. Biden commented:

‘What we need most of all… is a vaccine. But in the meantime, we have to take all the efforts we can to make sure we prevent the spread, lower that curve as they talk about, and move from there. I think we’re going to need this last CARES Act that the Congress passed, which did a great deal; we’re going to need at least two more iterations of that, I believe.’


So far, Republicans have insisted upon waiting a bit before working on what would be a fourth Coronavirus relief funding package in a row. But in the meantime, in reference to the new Centers for Disease Control guideline that Americans should wear masks in public, Biden commented:

‘I think it’s important to follow the science, listen to the experts — do what they tell you… Follow the science, and that’s what they’re telling us.’

Trump has glibly suggested that he won’t be wearing a mask as suggested.

Meanwhile, under the shadow of the pandemic, the Trump team has carried out moves like firing Captain Brett Crozier from his post on the U.S.S. Roosevelt after a letter circulated in which he demanded assistance for his Coronavirus-stricken troops. Biden commented:

‘I think it’s close to criminal — the way they’re dealing with this guy, not his conduct. The idea that this man stood up and said what had to be said, got it out that his troops, his Navy personnel were in danger — look how many have the virus. I think the guy should have a commendation rather than be fired.’

Trump has personally expressed support for the firing. Watch Biden’s commentary below:

Biden also flatly derided Trump’s idea that the Obama administration should have done more to prepare for situations like the Coronavirus pandemic. Trump suggested recently that testing issues had cropped up because of supposedly faulty tests from the Obama era — but there could not have been faulty tests when the virus didn’t even emerge until months ago! Trump was lying. Biden countered:

‘We did a lot to prepare… we set up a pandemic office in the White House. We expanded CDC in other countries so we could see when things were coming, how things were moving, we put people in China — we did a whole lot of things and we got a very detailed breakdown on this… but the president dismantled almost all of that.’

Check it out below: