Trump Attempt To Destroy Obama Legacy Hits Roadblock


Donald Trump has been on a quest to destroy everything that Barack Obama accomplished during his eight years in office. Beyond that, he has taken a wrecking ball to the institutions, mores, and traditions of our nation. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been his silent partner. Why?

People see a terrible body blow that injures the very fabric of all that has existed in America for nearly two and one-half centuries, ever since our founders started their great experiment. This goes way beyond retribution against Trump’s predecessor.

As the coronavirus sweeps the country, the sitting president has used his Defense Production Act not to provide masks and protective garb to frontliners in this pandemic attack, not to provide ventilators to dying patients. Instead, he used it to protect hamburgers and CEOs

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Now, POTUS announced that he intended to “repeal a major Obama-era clean water regulation,” the Waters of the United States rule, according to The New York Times. Its purpose has been to limit pollutants near “streams, wetlands, and other bodies of water.”

Professor of Environmental Law at the Vermont Law School Patrick Parenteau noted that conservatives say the Clean Water Act handicapped corporate farmers:

‘This is an opportunity to really drive a stake through the heart of federal water protection.’

Trump signed his executive order that directed federal agencies to start a repeal and replace a set of circumstances. In other words, he started off weakening Obama’s act as soon as he could. He inched ever forward, especially now that the pandemic distracts Americans.

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Andrew Wheeler said:

‘Today’s final rule puts an end to an egregious power-grab.’ [Big F]armers, property owners and businesses will spend less time and money determining whether they need a federal permit and more time building infrastructure.’

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President of the American Farm Bureau Federation Zippy Duvall said farmers and ranchers supported the Trump repeal:

‘When you take private property rights from a man who’s worked all his life. That is very intrusive to him and it’s something he just can’t stand for.’

However, he was talking about corporate farmers who raised hundreds of thousands of heads of cattle or hogs. The waste runoff pollutes the water so badly that it is ruined. Corporate farmers, unlike family farmers, have been driven to produce the greatest amount of product least expensively and at any cost.

Director of the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition Laura Rubin said:

‘With many of our cities and towns living with unsafe drinking water, now is not the time to cut back on clean water enforcement.’

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Blan Holman water regulations expert with the Southern Environmental Law Center said:

‘The Obama clean water rule had very clear lines defining which waters are protected by the Clean Water Act, versus which waters are not, while repealing the rule means replacing those lines with case-by-case calls.’

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