Mob Of Trumpsters Harass Reporter At COVID Demonstration


President Donald Trump’s supporters are continuing their campaign to relentlessly harass those who they perceive as political opponents. In line with that trend, at an anti-lockdown rally held recently on Long Island in New York, local news reporter Kevin Vesey captured video footage of a large group of angry Trump supporters harshly confronting him for supposedly peddling “fake news.” As should go without saying, the Trump supporters’ allegations of some kind of media-driven conspiracy are delusional — but their virulent, threatening antagonism of a reporter over that reporter’s adherence to basic reality is very real and very dangerous.

Trump has helped cultivate a sense of self-entitlement among his supporters, who behave as though any reality that they might happen to have some issue with is actually some grand conspiratorial plot against their liberty — or something. It’s willful self-delusion, plain and simple.

In video footage that the reporter captured, angry Trump supporters call Vesey “the virus” and a “traitor.” None of those allegations have any connection to reality. The reporter commented:

‘The level of anger directed at the media from these protestors was alarming. As always, I will tell a fair and unbiased story today.’

Once the product of his reporting that he was there to do came out, Vesey summarized:

‘I’ll probably never forget what happened today. I was insulted. I was berated. I was practically chased by people who refused to wear masks in the middle of a pandemic. All the while, I was there to tell THEIR story.’

Watch below:

This behavior from these emboldened Trump shills is not occurring in a vacuum. With his relentless antagonism of members of the media on the basis of them simply reporting facts that he doesn’t like, Trump has opened the door for this kind of threatening behavior from his supporters. Reporters have frequently been harassed at pro-Trump political events throughout the years of the president’s time in office. The president’s team apparently wants the freedom to operate untethered from reality and implement their personal ideals of “greatness.”

One former Trump adviser, A.J. Delgado, observed:

‘Funny: I was about as hardcore MAGA as one can get in 2015/2016 (yes, before all the bandwagon jumping opportunists) and the media was always respectful to us. Most TV anchors and outlet reporters seemed to genuine want to listen to me. This level of hate is completely one-sided’

New York state Senator Brad Hoylman added:

‘This was filmed on Long Island. When some refuse to accept even the most basic facts of medicine and science, news itself in a pandemic becomes a dangerous profession. I’m so sorry that American journalists have to deal with this.’

Do these anti-lockdown protesters think that the death tolls are made up? Do they simply not care? Tens of thousands of Americans have died. In New York alone, where the demonstrations cited above took place, over 27,000 people have died due to the Coronavirus, and over 355,000 people have been infected. Those are staggering totals, but these Trump supporters are still out here with their belligerent and ignorant anger anyway.