Kayleigh McEnany Embarrasses Herself Over Tulsa Crowd Size


With Kayleigh McEnany on the job, the role of White House press secretary has been reduced to that of some kind of shill for President Donald Trump’s every whim. During an appearance on Fox this Monday, she laughably claimed that Trump was actually in a great mood after his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this past Saturday, where the campaign seemingly failed to even halfway fill up the arena that they’d booked. Trump has long made his obsession with measurements like crowd size abundantly clear, and prior to the Tulsa rally, the Trump campaign had touted their plans for huge attendance — so McEnany’s claim that Trump was actually enthused by what actually happened isn’t exactly credible.

Host Steve Doocy posed the question:

‘There was some suggestions that up to a million people did register for it and then in the end I think the official count from the fire department was something like… 6,500… My question to you, Kayleigh, is how angry was the president that there was just a sea of blue empty chairs?’

Remarkably, McEnany proceeded to claim that Trump was in a great mood after the rally, which was such a dud that the Trump campaign cancelled plans for the president to give a speech to an outdoor “overflow” crowd because an overflow crowd never showed up.

She said:

‘The president was not angry at all. The president was quite energized. I was with him after the rally. It was a huge success. His speech got rave reviews. He was in good spirits on Marine One.and what the president routinely does is draw extraordinary turnout, as we saw at the event with Prime Minister Modi — 50,000 people turned out. He was in a great mood; it was a great night, and there was a lot to celebrate.’

Why on earth is she referencing an event that in which Trump participated in India as if it’s at all relevant to the 2020 presidential election? Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India. People don’t get re-elected as U.S. president based on the question of whether big crowds overseas are willing to see them.

Doocy continued his questioning, asking:

‘Kayleigh, you’re saying he was not furious? Because we’ve known Donald Trump. He was on this show every Monday for years. That guy who used to be on our show would have been furious that something went haywire.’

McEnany insisted in response:

‘In my interactions with the president after the rally on Marine One with him, I checked in with him on Air Force One, and he was in very good spirits… He’s in his best mood when he gets to speak directly to the American people because that’s what he loves.’

Watch McEnany’s conversation with Doocy below:

It’s pathetic that the White House press secretary is acting like it’s their job to tell everyone what a great mood the president was in. McEnany’s commentary sounds North Korea-like in its fealty to the “Dear Leader.”

In fact, everyone could see the fact that the Trump campaign’s big comeback rally was sparsely attended, even though they held it in the traditionally solidly Republican area of Oklahoma.