Lara Trump Embarrass Herself Thoroughly With RNC Speech


On the third night of the Republican National Convention, a woman who doesn’t seem to have done much to earn her position as a senior advisor to the Trump campaign beyond marry one of his sons gave remarks, most of them misleading and a few outright lies. In other words, it was everything that’s been wrong with the Trump presidency.

Completely ignoring the pandemic that has hit working women harder than most men, Lara Trump told viewers that millions of jobs have been gained for women under Trump and that women’s unemployment has fallen to its lowest since World War II. She neglected to mention that a majority of those jobs have been lost again due to Trump’s inadequate response to COVID-19, nor did she acknowledge that the unemployment rate for women fell at a steeper and more consistent rate under Trump’s predecessor, President Obama.

She told Americans that she grew up in a working-class family, but that the Trump family who lived in a gold penthouse were totally down to earth and just like her own family. She talked about how hard-working they were but not about the many opportunities they were afforded by their wealth that placed them in positions to earn more millions without starting at the bottom. It was an odd story at a convention touting support of the “regular working American,” which Republicans say they represent.

For video of the entire third night of the Republican National Convention, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube