Ivanka Trump Embarrasses Herself More Than Usual During RNC Speech


Proving once again that nepotism will get you everywhere in the Trump family, Ivanka Trump spoke at the final, most important evening of the Republican National Convention on behalf of her father.

The eldest Trump daughter who was given a job as a presidential advisor with no experience introduced her father as “a builder, an entrepreneur,” and of course, the people’s candidate and the people’s president. This despite the fact that the American people elected Hillary Clinton, to the tune of three million more votes. She also called her father “the champion of the American worker” during the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression, and the voice of common sense in America. Common sense doesn’t spout conspiracy theories and grade school nicknames.

She also touted all of Trump’s hard work from dawn to midnight for the American people, saying “you are the reason he ran, the reason he works so hard.” Meanwhile, a massive number of Americans are facing homelessness thanks to her father’s failed response to COVID-19.

Even funnier, she criticized politicians running on the same policies in every election, but said Trump is promising to “make America great again!” just like he did in 2016. She also said that “the results speak for themselves” which is true in a destroyed economy, widespread civil unrest, and a global pandemic killing thousands of Americans.

Those are the results of Trump’s presidency, and they certainly speak for themselves.

For the full fourth night of the Republican National Convention, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube