Trump Breaks US Law During RNC Speech; And Thank God That’s Over


It was every bit the speech from Donald Trump at the final night of the Republican National Convention that everyone expected. Full of lies, fearmongering, and complaining, it was Trump at his most divisive.

He had the nerve to criticize Biden for giving “kisses” to American workers, referencing stories about Joe Biden violating women’s space. This is the same president who bragged about grabbing women by their vaginas, is accused by more than 20 women of sexual harassment and assault, and accused in court of raping a 14-year-old girl. Perhaps sexual assault is a subject he should steer away from, because his looks far worse than others he accuses.

To a crowd mostly wearing no masks, with no social distancing between seats, Trump touted his record on the COVID-19 response. He promise to bring unity – which may be the most ironic statement of the RNC in 2020, calling Americans “one national family,” who should “protect, love, and care for each other.” He said that shortly before saying Democrats are going to tear down the country and half of America is unsafe from the other half, those fighting for an end to police brutality and white suburbans.


He touted his economic policies during the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression, promised to defend America against all threats during the worst pandemic since 1917, and said that a new “spirit of unity that can only be reached by our love for the country” was coming during the worst civil unrest, including the protesters Trump fearmongers around on a daily basis on social media, since the Civil Rights Movement.

For full video of the final night of the Republican National Convention, see below:

Featured image via YouTube