Kamala Harris Takes Trump To School During ‘CNN Sunday’ Appearance


Democratic vice presidential pick Kamala Harris repeatedly took President Donald Trump to task during an interview that was broadcast on CNN’s State of the Union this Sunday morning. She harshly criticized the so-called commander-in-chief over issues like his total untrustworthiness when it comes to basic issues of public health. As she noted, he’s previously suggested exploring the injection of household cleaners as a potential Coronavirus treatment option, so if a Coronavirus vaccine comes out that he supports but public health officials do not, Harris “will not take his word” for it, she said. Harris also criticized Trump for his recent efforts to sow doubt about the integrity of the upcoming election, which he’s been doing amidst his own struggling poll numbers, and she hammered him as an “abject failure” at handling the economy.

Not too long ago, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany even flatly refused to insist that Trump would accept the election results. She said he’d wait and see what happens before deciding — but no one appointed Trump to be the arbiter of democracy!

Speaking to CNN’s Dans Bash, who asked about the possibility of foreign interference leading to a Biden-Harris loss, the VP pick said:

‘We have to be a realist, and I’m a realist and Joe’s a realist about it. We have classic voter suppression at play in this election coming up, where after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act… dozens of states passed laws that were designed to suppress the black vote, were designed to suppress students from voting, suppress our Indigenous people from voting… we have what happened in 2016, which is foreign interference. We have a president who is trying to convince the American people not to believe in the integrity of our election system and compromise their belief that their vote actually counts. These things are all at play.’

Watch below:

Recently, a report came out from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (a government agency) insisting that Russia “is using a range of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia ‘establishment.'” An additional document has emerged stating that Russia would try to sow doubts about presidential candidates’ health, although a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson claimed it didn’t have the proper context. Harris added that she and Biden acknowledge that until figures like themselves have the opportunity to make policy changes like a restoration of at least some of the powers of the Voting Rights Act, there “will be many obstacles that people are intentionally placing in front of Americans’ ability to vote. But we will surpass and surmount and get around those obstacles.”

The vice presidential pick also addressed Trump’s relentless rose-colored glasses approach to the economy. Although recent improvements in measurements like stock market value have only come after major Coronavirus-induced economic upheaval, Trump has tried to tout recent developments anyway.

Harris said:

‘There is no question that Donald Trump has been an abject failure and incompetent when it comes to addressing the severe job loss that has happened as a result of the pandemic, because he has failed to address the pandemic itself… His perspective cannot be our perspective, because his perspective for too long is to talk about how well the economy is doing based on how rich people are doing. We need to talk about how the economy is doing based on how working people are doing.’

Check out her comments below: