Wind Catches Trump’s ‘Hair’ & Humiliates Him In Front Of America


In Michigan on Saturday during a campaign rally, President Donald Trump faced off against gusty winds and ended up pleading from the stage for someone to bring him a hat. Eventually, someone handed a red “Make America Great Again” hat to the president, but not before he went on an inane diatribe about the greatness of his personal plane — not Air Force One, but the Boeing 757 that he personally owns and is emblazoned with his name across the side. Yup — as Americans struggle, Trump is marveling at his own hoarded wealth.

Trump is infamously obsessive when it comes to his public appearance, so the issue with the wind — which visibly rustled his hair — might have gotten to him. He said:

‘Nobody told me you were gonna have 40-mile-an-hour winds today. Would somebody give me a hat? Would you please give me a hat? I have got all these hats. I am the only one without a hat on. Get me a hat — they’ll get me a hat. They’ll go into that big beautiful plane. If they don’t have a hat in that plane… Actually, I have the exact same plane. Boeing 757, It’s a beautiful plane. Look at that though. Get me a hat out of that plane.’

Watch the incident in the video below:

At the same rally, Trump also expressed support when his followers erupted into a chant of “Lock her up!” targeting Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has been the subject of deranged claims that she is working to curtail the “freedom” of the people of her state via the restrictive measures that she has imposed in an attempt to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. The FBI recently thwarted a plot to kidnap Whitmer, but this active threat of violence against the governor has not put an apparent dent in Trump’s effort to drum up antagonism against her.

Trump, who seems obsessively desperate, is not in a great place politically speaking. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden routinely leads by double-digits in national-level election polls, and Biden’s polling leads carry over into key swing states as well.