Jim Jordan’s Live TV Interview Turns Into Embarrassing PR Disaster


With days to go until Election Day, Republicans like Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan are leaning heavily into conspiracy theories about their opponents. Recently, the New York Post came out with a highly dubious story claiming to reveal contents from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, but whether or not these emails are legitimate remains uncertain. There has been a documented Russian disinformation campaign targeting the Bidens; one of this campaign’s architects, Ukrainian legislator Andrii Derkach, has been characterized by the U.S. government itself as a Russian agent. These issues didn’t seem to faze Jordan.

During a Sunday morning appearance on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures, Jordan desperately pushed the Hunter Biden allegations, and he expressed melodramatic shock that the bulk of the mainstream media system wasn’t jumping on the allegations. Maybe they’re concerned about disinformation!

Supposedly, Jim Jordan’s own staff members have authenticated the supposed Hunter Biden emails, but what this claim entirely entails isn’t immediately clear. Jim Jordan and his staff members aren’t exactly known credible sources. Jordan ranted to host Maria Bartiromo:

‘It’s all true, Maria. It’s all true… Never forget that these people told us there was supposed collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, between President Trump and Russia when in fact they knew it wasn’t true. We now know they knew it wasn’t true because Ric Grenell released the transcripts that prove there was no proper predicate for launching this [Russia] investigation in the first place, so these people have misled the American people for four years now, and they’re trying to do it again now, just nine days before an important election.’

Subsequently, Jordan reiterated his claim that the supposed Hunter Biden emails are “as real as real can be,” and as evidence for his claim, he pointed to the testimony from past Biden associate Tony Bobulinski — but one of Bobulinski’s core claims has already been disproved. Bobulinski suggested that Joe Biden was involved with a Chinese business venture that he and Hunter (and others) collaborated on, but in the documented communications that Bobulinski himself provided, neither the Wall Street Journal nor Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich found evidence of any actual Joe Biden involvement. Jordan belligerently asked “why won’t Joe Biden say they’re not real” — but the Biden campaign has already flatly denied one of the core allegations in the emails, namely, that Joe had met with an adviser at the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Jordan appeared on Sunday Morning Futures alongside fellow Republican Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia (who is currently running for one of his state’s U.S. Senate seats). Collins insisted that “everybody should be scared to death” of Joe Biden’s corruption, which is just a nonsense claim.

Watch Jordan and Collins below:

Among other lies, President Donald Trump himself even recently claimed at the final presidential debate that “Joe got $3.5 million from Russia and it came through Putin, because he was very friendly with the former mayor of Moscow and it was the mayor of Moscow’s wife” — which is just not true Trump and his allies are getting quite desperate ahead of a potential dramatic Biden victory.