Huge Crowds Swarm Outside White House To Sing, Dance, & Celebrate


Huge crowds of exuberant people gathered in Washington D.C. outside of the White House on Saturday after major media outlets called the presidential race for the Democratic pick, Joe Biden, who is now the president-elect of the United States. The soon-to-be former but still current president, Donald Trump, was not at the White House at the time that the race was called and crowds began gathering — instead, he was at his golf course in Virginia, where he’s spent an inordinate amount of time while in office. Trump was reported to be heading back to the White House shortly after the demonstrators had begun to gather.

Trump has long been obsessed with crowd sizes, and the size of the crowds turning out to celebrate his loss make much of the country’s disgust with Trump abundantly clear. One crowd that had gathered outside of the White House on Saturday to celebrate Trump’s loss was singing a very loud rendition of “Y.M.C.A.,” which Trump had — for some reason — been closing some of his final pre-Election Day rallies with. These rallies were clearly not effective. Trump lost a number of states that he’d nabbed in 2016 and were crucial to his then-victory, including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Check out some footage of the sizable D.C. crowd loudly singing “Y.M.C.A.” below:

Buzzfeed reporter Molly Hensley-Clancy, who was on the scene in D.C., commented on Twitter that the post-victory scene in D.C. felt like “all of Washington DC” was “streaming towards Black Lives Matter Plaza and the White House today, hours after the presidential race was called for Joe Biden.” “Black Lives Matter Plaza” is the new name for a two-block-long area of D.C.’s 16th Street NW, adjacent to the White House. Part of the formal city nod to the Black Lives Matter movement included the placement of a mural on the roadway reading “Black Lives Matter.” Check out some footage below:

People turned out to celebrate in the streets outside of D.C., including in New York City and Miami. Voters in big cities like Detroit and Philadelphia helped sink the Trump candidacy, and every vote against him from anywhere in the country functioned as yet another repudiation of his toxic agenda. Check out more footage below: