230 Pages Of Poll Watcher Affidavits End Up Humiliating Trump Family


Donald Trump is apparently vacillating between fantasy and rage. Outside the door of the ballot-counting room of the TCF Center in Detroit those challenging the polls were chanting “stop the count” so loudly, they had to be asked to leave. Then, there was the three-cranky-bears syndrome. With the president so unpredictable, no wonder these three were so cranky.

In the role of Mama Bear, a Republican poll watcher complained about one of the workers was wearing Black Lives Matter gear — in the predominately Black neighborhood. Then, she claimed one of them had followed her too closely, according to The Washington Post:

‘[He] was a man of intimidating size.’

In the role of Papa Bear, the second Republican poll watcher did not like the public address system (the PA). He complained it was too loud, and the workers were using it for announcements:

‘This was very distracting to those of us trying to concentrate.’

Then, there was the crankiest of all, the Baby Bear role that went to the third poll watcher whose antenna went up when the military personnel absentee ballots came in. Too many were for Democrats. What was up with that? He said:

‘I can estimate that at least 80% of military ballots I saw were straight ticket Democrat or simply had Joe Biden’s name filled in on them. I had always been told that military people tended to be conservative, so this stuck out to me.’

Trump’s campaign attorneys had a request of a federal judge on Wednesday:

‘[B]lock the state of Michigan from certifying the results of its presidential election.’

The problem was that President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were ahead of Trump by approximately 148,000 votes. That would fall into POTUS’ fantasy phase.

One complaint in the upcoming lawsuit was the campaign’s election observers were “forced” to stay more than six feet from the election workers in the Detroit Wayne County counting center, according to The Business Insider. Apparently, the observers were not particularly concerned with contracting the COVID-19 virus, after over 238,000 Americans had already died.

But the lawsuit alleged the distancing also meant:

‘Republican challengers were not allowed to meaningfully observe the ballot counting process.’

The lawsuit claimed that, compounded with other irregularities with the ballot-counting process, meant Wayne County didn’t properly follow Michigan’s election laws. Or so they said.


The attorneys guaranteed they had “shocking” evidence of wrong-doing. The campaign came up with 238 affidavits from poll watchers across Michigan who swore there was “rude behavior” or “unpleasant looks” from the people trying to do their jobs. There was zero evidence in these affidavits of serious fraud, but a lot of crankiness.

Texas pulled out all of the stops. The lieutenant governor said he would pay anyone with evidence of voter fraud a one-million-dollar reward. The GOP has a webpage for any voters to report any problems.

Attorney for Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) appeared in court Monday and said:

‘This is an effort to find a problem when one does not exist.’

Nationally-recognized Republican election attorney working with Senate candidate John James (R), Charlie Spies, said:

‘While some of the currently filed affidavits are about small-bore concerns, there is a broad pattern emerging which raises concerns about the process of counting votes in Wayne County.’

Spokesperson for the White House and Trump’s campaign Kayleigh McEnany went on Fox News late Tuesday where she said:

‘These are real, and anyone who cares about transparency and integrity of the system should want this to proceed to the discovery phase.’

The Washington Post went over the affidavits on Wednesday, and found they amounted to nothing more than Republican poll watcher complaints, such as this one:

‘I felt intimidated by union people who were staring at me.’

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