‘The Lincoln Project’ Horrifies GOP With Move To Flip Senate Blue


On Wednesday, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project released a hard-hitting new ad in which they proclaim that Trumpism is an “evil” in America that “must be crushed.” Although outgoing President Donald Trump decisively lost the recent presidential election, his enablers are still in politics. Numerous leading Republicans have openly endorsed Trump’s fight against the election outcome, which is not based in any legitimate evidence and amounts to a brazen attack on the fundamental principles of democracy in the United States. Only days ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — one of the most prominent Republicans in the country — finally acknowledged the reality of Biden’s win.

In the new Lincoln Project ad, a narrator says as follows:

‘We always asked ourselves, “It couldn’t happen here, could it?” It can, and it will. We’re now only one presidential election from the end of America as we’ve known it. For the first time in our history, a majority of a major political party refused to accept the results of a presidential election. Violent thugs roamed the Capitol’s streets. Tens of millions will now teach their children they live in a country with an illegitimate president. This is how democracy dies. Today, the dividing line in American politics is not between conservative and liberal. It’s between those who believe in democracy and those who are killing it by their actions [and] by their silence. Trumpism is an autocratic evil unleashed in America. It must be crushed. The danger is real. The threat is now. If you believe America is worth fighting for: join us.’

Check out the ad below:

Across the country, over 120 Republican members of Congress signaled support for a recent lawsuit in which Texas and its allies sought the invalidation of the election outcome in four swing states where Biden won. Well over a dozen Republican Attorney Generals and President Donald Trump himself signaled support for this same lawsuit. Although the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit and not a single justice indicated any openness to invalidating the election outcome in those states, the anti-democratic fervor within the Republican Party is glaring.

Recently, Steve Schmidt — who spent decades with the Republican Party and eventually re-registered as an independent and co-founded The Lincoln Project — announced that he would be registering as a Democrat. Schmidt insisted that “in America today it’s only the Democratic Party that stands for the ideas and ideals of American liberty.”