Ivanka Trump Embarrasses Herself At Georgia Rally Of Deplorables


On Monday, Ivanka Trump — the president’s daughter and top adviser — appeared at a rally in Georgia for the state’s incumbent Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who are both running for re-election. At the rally, Ivanka put on an embarrassing spectacle to the point that she exclaimed to the crowd that “my father… loves you,” which is just laughably cultish. Besides, when Donald spends so much of his time whining about his opponents on Twitter and fighting against the democratic process in the United States, how can Ivanka legitimately expect anyone outside of Donald’s most fervent base of supporters to take her seriously?

Ivanka self-confidently proclaimed as follows:

‘Georgia will decide whether our children will grow up under an oppressive government or whether America will remain the land of the free. I think we know that answer, Georgia. I think we know what Georgia’s gonna decide. While Democrats are focused on making Americans dependent on Washington, David and Kelly are focused on liberating each individual and freeing them to thrive… With the help of every single person here today and millions of people across this great state, I am confident that Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will keep the Senate Republican and win a historic victory for American liberty!’

Ivanka self-confidently added at that Georgia rally that Perdue and Loeffler would “defend election integrity” if re-elected to the Senate, but they’ve already proven the opposite. Both Senators expressed support for a Texas-led lawsuit in which top Republicans sought the invalidation of the election outcome in four states where Biden won, including Georgia. Not a single U.S. Supreme Court justice indicated any openness to granting the Republicans’ demands, which never had any legitimacy. In reality, the obvious net result of the GOP’s feverish post-election fight against the outcome is a serious undercut to the electoral process in the United States.

Ivanka ludicrously commented as follows:

‘People fight the hardest for what they love the most. The reason my father is fighting so hard — the reason my father will not stop fighting — is because he loves you, the American people… Far too many Americans and Georgians feel that… their vote has been cancelled. We must send David and Kelly back to the Senate to defend election integrity and protect American democracy and fight for Trump.’

Check out her comments below:

In less than a month, Donald Trump will no longer be in office. Why on earth would two U.S. Senators “fight for” him at all? Is Ivanka trying to imply that there’s any remotely reasonable mechanism by which Donald could remain in power as president? There’s no such mechanism — Donald lost, plain and simple, and neither he nor any one of his allies have come anywhere close to meaningfully proving their claims of systematic election fraud in a single state.