Trump Belligerently Attacks Mitch McConnell As GOP Implodes


Outgoing President Donald Trump has angrily freaked out — again. A Monday night email to Republican Senators sent by Trump’s personal assistant proclaims that “Mitch forgot” and depicts a tweet from Trump and a robocall featuring his voice as critical in the Senate Majority Leader’s recent re-election victory. In reality, considering the longstanding clear Republican lean of Mitch’s home state of Kentucky, crediting Trump with McConnell’s win seems ignorant at best. Faulty or at least imprecise polling could explain Kentucky more than the notion that over 17 percent of participating Kentucky voters changed their minds about McConnell between June 2020 and Election Day.

Besides, isn’t antagonism towards pretty much all polling that isn’t great for Republicans one of Trump’s shticks? The email going after McConnell depicts a selection of polling data from June 2020 through Election Day, with significant bumps for McConnell after Trump sent a tweet endorsing the Senate leader and after the president recorded a robocall message for the top Republican. Again — the idea that a tweet from Donald Trump helped save the day for Mitch McConnell seems laughably ignorant and ridiculously self-obsessed on the president’s part.

Check out an image of the email below, via Axios:

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This email emerged shortly after McConnell acknowledged the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the presidential race, which Trump still alleges was plagued with systematic fraud, despite the total lack of meaningful supporting evidence. Trump and his allies have lost over and over and over in post-election court cases around the country, and they’ve yet to prove their claims of systematic fraud in a single state.

The claims of systematic fraud are often ridiculous on their face — for instance, recently, top Trump defender Rudy Giuliani pushed the idea that thousands and thousands of undocumented immigrants voted in Arizona. If so, then where are the records? If they voted in person, then how did imaginary fraudsters convince untold numbers of frontline election workers to let people vote who weren’t registered? Why would tens of thousands of people who clearly aren’t eligible to vote in the presidential race try and cast ballots anyway? Would Giuliani suggest that they all coordinated their imaginary fraud in a giant group chat? The point is that the claims are simply ridiculous.