Trump Attorney Resigns In Disgust After MAGA Capitol Attack


It is interesting to watch the large rodents waiting until nearly the very last moment to jump the Donald Trump ship as it sinks to the nation’s very bottom. These survivors leave a nasty trail of bottom-dweller dregs.

Former Trump chief of staff and current Ireland Ambassador Mick Mulvaney resigned overnight. Suddenly, Philadelphia-based attorney Jerome Marcus who was sworn to defend against crime got legal religion.

The Trump attorney who filed dozens of lawsuits challenging the 2020 elections told a federal court that Trump used him to “perpetrate a crime.” Then, he asked the court to remove him from one of the nearly 60 cases. He cited “concerns over Pennsylvania’s professional conduct standards for lawyers:”

In his brief, Marcus wrote:

‘[T]he client has used the lawyer’s services to perpetrate a crime and the client insists upon taking action that the lawyer considers repugnant and with which the lawyer has a fundamental disagreement.’

His move came right after January 6, 2020’s militant alt-right group took the nation’s capitol as the legislators were certifying president-elect Joe Biden’s ascendency to the presidency. Four individuals died in the attempted coup.

This Marcus case involved one of Trump’s earliest challenges. It came right after the November 3, 2020 election. The lawsuit tried to halt vote-counting in Philadelphia, accusing the election officials of keeping the president’s poll watchers from observing:

‘A federal judge denied Trump’s motion for an emergency injunction on the same day that the lawsuit was filed.’

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