Immediate Resignation Of Traitor Josh Hawley Demanded In Missouri


As Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) continues to face steep criticism for his role in inciting the recent deadly rioting at the U.S. Capitol, a Missouri organization of faith leaders called Missouri Faith Voices has joined the fray against him. At a Thursday press conference, the group called for Hawley’s resignation after his self-serving antics directly tied into the storming of the U.S. Capitol building, where a mob of Trump supporters hoped to forcibly stop Congressional proceedings to formally certify Joe Biden’s victory. During this rioting, members of Congress and staff members from across the country were in serious and potentially lethal danger. Others on the scene, including journalists and police officers, were also threatened.

At that Thursday press conference, Missouri Reverend Dr. Cassandra Gould commented as follows:

‘We are calling for his resignation. If you are watching this from somewhere else other than Missouri, we ask you to contact your senator and ask them to have him expelled from the Senate immediately. Missouri can’t afford this. Black people can’t afford this. My grandchildren can’t afford this!’

Missouri Rabbi Susan Talve spoke on a similar note, adding as follows:

‘As an opportunist, Josh Hawley has shown us he will do anything. He will sell his soul for his own self-serving interest.’

Before the Capitol rioting unfolded, Hawley was the first Senator to announce his intention to vote against the certification of some of Biden’s electoral votes. His announcement helped the lie that the presidential election outcome was dubious gain significant traction, because in order to sustain an objection to certain electoral votes and move the issue to debate, at least one Senator has to support the effort. Otherwise, if House members raise an objection on their own, the issue doesn’t move forward and the proceedings of the joint session of Congress move on.

Recently, amidst criticism of his role in spreading lies about the 2020 presidential election, Hawley claimed that he “was very clear from the beginning that [he] was never attempting to overturn the election,” which is laughably false. On January 4, when asked about the imaginary possibility that Trump could remain in office during an appearance on Fox News, Hawley insisted that the outcome “depends on what happens on Wednesday,” referring to the date of the Congressional proceedings to certify the electoral college outcome. Hawley clearly kept the option open that the election outcome could be overturned, providing an obvious rhetorical cover for the Capitol rioters.