Judge Orders ‘Cowboys For Trump’ Founder To Be Held In Jail


On Monday, D.C. Judge Zia Faruqui ordered the pretrial detention of New Mexico resident Couy Griffin, who founded a group known as Cowboys for Trump and participated in the recent violent rioting at the U.S. Capitol building, for which he’s been charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds after filming himself on the steps of the Capitol. The date of his trial isn’t immediately clear, but in the meantime, Faruqui’s order means that Griffin will be remaining in jail. Technically, Griffin is still a member of the Otero County Commission back in New Mexico — as of Monday afternoon, he remained listed on the commission’s website.

According to court reporter Zoe Tillman, federal authorities argued that Griffin is both a danger and a flight risk in making their case for his pretrial detention. During the hearing, Griffin’s lawyer commented that the “Cowboys for Trump” founder made “unfortunate statements,” but to be clear, in a recent Facebook video, Griffin pledged that “there‚Äôs going to be blood running” at the Capitol. Griffin was arrested after heading back to D.C. following the January 6 Capitol rioting after he pledged to brings guns to Biden’s inauguration and “embrace [his] second amendment.” These statements are not “unfortunate” — they are terroristic threats targeting the foundation of the U.S. government.

As Tillman summarizes, Faruqui said that “what Griffin is charged with isn’t a simple misdemeanor.” Instead, there are other serious factors weighing on the situation. For example, the judge noted that it’s “beyond implausible” that Griffin was unaware that the area in which he was in at the Capitol was restricted, and as for Griffin’s brazenly violent rhetoric, Faruqui added that “words matter.” Overall, the judge noted that “Griffin’s refusal to recognize the results of the election — and that being the reason he participated in the insurrection — worked against him in arguing he would follow a judge’s orders if released,” as Tillman summarized on Twitter. In other words, Griffin has refused to let go of the delusional pretense that underpinned the recent Capitol rioting. He’s still, by all appearances, apparently committed to the cause.

Trump will soon face a second impeachment trial in the Senate over his role in inciting the rioting at the Capitol, which proceeded under the pretense of his lie that the recent election was rigged.