Trump Notified Of Additional Grand Jury In GA Criminal Investigation


A regional Georgia prosecutor in a rare move is targeting Donald Trump. In fact, there are two grand juries in Fulton County. Jurors are at a point where they will be issuing subpoenas for documents and recordings regarding the Trump investigation.

District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia Fani Willis said:

‘I suspect that’s in the very near future.’

She is using two concurrent grand juries “to clear the case backlog.” In addition, her team has collected “documents, phone calls, witnesses” as evidence Trump “personally interfered with and pressured elections officials in Atlanta as they recounted votes,” The Daily Beast reported.

The ex-president’s January 2, 2021 phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was taped. Trump manipulated then pressured Raffensperger to “find 11,780 votes” so that he could win Georgia.

The DA has established an anti-corruption team. It investigates police misconduct and corrupt local government officials. Paul Kish defended public officials who had been targeted by the former unit. He said this in spite of the newly reformed unit:

‘I think they’re so far out of their league it’s not even funny.’

Willis ran to “clamp down on public corruption.” She also hired a nationally-renowned expert on state RICO charges, John Floyd. He will be consulting for the team. She said:

‘I’m having to broaden the unit… it never looked at election fraud before now.’

One member of her team is the man who “wrote the book on racketeering cases against mafia goons.” Brian Watkins was just named deputy of anti-corruption. Willis said:

‘We researched him greatly. He didn’t have any blemishes.’

Willis also pulled a prosecutor from the complex trial division, Sau Chun Chan. She said this about her unit:

‘it never looked at election fraud before now.’… it never looked at election fraud before now.’

Carranza Pryor, who worked on the previous public integrity team in 2016, said:

‘There’s more privacy, secrecy, and isolation… because of the sensitivity of the work. There’s a lot more time at your desk, a lot more research and review of documents and records. You have more of an opportunity to reflect, take a breath, and be more deliberate than other offices.’

A former prosecutor who tried his first murder case alongside her in 2007, Peter Odom said:

‘She’s a great prosecutor. She’s a gifted trial attorney. And she’s remained an active trial attorney.’

Pryor added:

‘It’s really a leadership question. The biggest challenge to doing a case involving the president and the [Georgia] secretary of state is the glare of the spotlight. Really, it’s just another case like any other. It’s a conspiracy case. There’s plenty of evidence. There’s phone calls. Everything is public record. Proving the case is not hard. The hardest part is that the president has almost unlimited resources. He’s going to hire the best attorneys. There’s going to be a huge procedural battle. Every dotted ‘i’ and crossed ‘t’ in the indictment will be attacked.’

Willis told the Beast:

‘I think it was a lack of strength, if you really want to know the truth. People would investigate and investigate ‘til their wheels spin. And you have to have a lot of courage to make decisions in those cases.’

The DA indicated that there are more security precautions:

‘Um… some investigations occur in separate places. How about that?’

Willis said this means considering election fraud, racketeering, and “false statement charges against Rudy Giuliani and other members of Team Trump:”

‘My philosophy is just: We’re going to call balls and strikes. And it is what it is. We’re just going to use the law and the facts. I’m not going to worry about the politics of that. And I do understand what I’m saying. If that means I’m only the DA for one term… that’ll be what God has me do for these four years.’

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