Arizona GOP Humiliated After Election Audit Becomes Total Mess


President Joe Biden was the first Democrat to win the Arizona vote since 1996. Needless to say, the Republicans were surprised and not happily surprised. Donald Trump was furious. Plans to sort out the discrepancy turned wrong a full six months after the 2020 election. reported the current state of Arizona politics as “Trumpism ascendant:”

‘Arizona voters rejected Donald Trump and his movement at the polls in November, but Trumpism is ascendant once more, dominating our state’s public life. Trumpism is the buffelgrass of Arizona politics, taking over the landscape even after it’s been rooted out or burned away.’

Oath Keeper and State Representative Mark Finchem suggested letting the Legislature reject the presidential election results and select a new winner with a majority vote. Wait a minute.

The favorite trope was against Dominion Voting Systems claiming the company had stolen 200,000 votes from Donald Trump. However, the state should take care of what it says about Dominion. The company has sued Trump, his personal attorney and fixer Rudy Giuliani, and others for over one billion dollars — each.

Host of Sunday Square Off on NBC affiliate KPNX TV, Brahm Resnik, tweeted:

‘FIRMS ARE BEYOND BIASED’: Dominion Voting Systems reacts to AZ Senate Republicans’ hiring of contractors to audit Maricopa County presidential ballots & equipment. Dominion leases vote-counting machines to Maricopa. I asked whether Dominion would block audit.’

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This was the response:

‘[Cyber Ninjas is] led by conspiracy theorists and QAnon supporters who have helped spread the “Big Lie” of a rigged election.’

But the state legislators were not expecting “flatbed trucks last week hauled boxes of voting equipment and 78 pallets containing the 2.1 million ballots of Arizona’s largest county to a decrepit local coliseum.”

Arizona State Senator Eddie Farnsworth spoke during a state Judiciary Committee hearing, according to The New York Times:

‘We hold an audit. And then we can put this to rest.’

The only Democrat on the Maricopa Board of Supervisors said:

‘You know the dog that caught the car? The dog doesn’t know what to do with it.’

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) sent an email to the New York Times:

‘My concern grows deeper by the hour.It is clear that no one involved in this process knows what they are doing, and they are making it up as they go along.’

State Senate President, Karen Fann, pointed out last December that there was no hidden agenda in the audit, and regardless of the outcome, the result would remain the same:

‘A lot of our constituents have a lot of questions about how the voting, the electoral system works, the security of it, the validity of it. [Experts could show] what else could we do to verify the votes were correct and accurate.’

Phoenix Republican pollster Mike Noble said:

‘I get why they’re doing it, because half of the G.O.P. believes there was widespread fraud. The only problem is, a majority of the electorate doesn’t believe there was widespread fraud The longer they push this, the more they’re alienating people in the middle.’

Phoenix campaign consultant and former Republican spokesperson for the Arizona State House, Barrett Marson, said:

‘The people in the Legislature are more prone to believe in the conspiracy theories and are more prone to espouse.’

Republican campaign strategist out of Phoenix, Chuck Coughlin said:

‘They’re representing their constituency. The whole process was built to produce this.’

With two state troopers outside of his home, Democratic supervisor Steve Gallardo said:

‘All five supervisors were receiving death threats.’

Logan held a news conference last week and said:

‘The company was committed to a fair, transparent process. “It’s really, really important to us that we have integrity in the way we do this count and in the results that come out of it.’

Senator Paul Boyer (R) out of Phoenix said his family went into hiding for days and only returned with a 24-hour police guard:

‘It was like, “You’d better watch your back — we’re coming for you.”‘

Executive Editor of The Arizona Republic Greg Burton released a statement last Friday that read:

‘Senate leaders have throttled legitimate press access and handed Arizona’s votes to conspiracy theorists.’

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