Lindsey Graham Thoroughly Embarrasses Himself During Sunday TV


During an appearance on the latest episode of Full Court Press with host Greta Van Susteren, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) melted down over the Biden administration — although Biden has repeatedly garnered approval from 60 percent or more of the public, placing Graham on the starkly less popular side of the argument. At one point, as though he was eager to give Russian President Vladimir Putin some troubling level of credit, Graham insisted that Putin has “publicly humiliated President Biden,” which simply isn’t an accurate assessment.

Asked about Biden’s plans to imminently meet with Putin, Graham commented as follows:

‘Right now, [Putin has] publicly humiliated President Biden. When Biden called him a killer, I think Putin said, “Well, the next time we talk, it’ll be on live TV toe to toe,” indicating he didn’t think Biden was up to the job. So the meeting is going to go forward, which is fine with me. I don’t mind meeting with our adversaries, but my big fear is that Biden will not talk about the right things in the right way. When Trump met Putin in Finland, I thought it was a disaster for Trump and I hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Biden.’

Suggesting that Biden is not adequately prepared to meet with a foreign leader like Putin just seems laughable. Before his presidential administration, Biden served as vice president of the United States for eight years, and before that, he served as a United States Senator for decades. After all of that experience, does Graham seriously expect observers to believe that Biden doesn’t have an least basic level of readiness right from the get-go? Going on from there, claiming that one rhetorical jab from Putin somehow constitutes a “humiliation” of the American president is just bizarre. It’s as though Graham is willingly placing himself under the propaganda-like sway attempted by the Russian leader.

On Full Court Press, Graham also said that — despite consistent rhetorical hand-wringing from the GOP — failure to secure an infrastructure bill would be the fault of President Biden. Asked if he thinks there will be an infrastructure bill passed by the conclusion of the summer, Graham commented as follows:

‘There should be and if Biden can’t pull this off, he’s not trying because there’s a bunch of Republicans like me that would do an infrastructure bill around a trillion dollars. This is a layup if he wants it. So if we don’t have one by the end of the summer, it’s because President Biden gave in to the left who wants to do more without any Republican involvement through reconciliation.’

Graham is just glossing over the consistent obstruction from his own political party.