‘MyPillow’ Guy Has Public Freak-Out As Downfall Accelerates


At a rally in Wisconsin that MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell held in recent days, he stormed out of an interview with journalist Jordan Klepper after getting pressured over his false claims about the integrity of last year’s presidential election. Klepper also questioned Lindell about his claim to have evidence of systematic election fraud swinging the presidential race to Biden, and he also inquired about the broader impact of continuing to keep the election-related delusions going — and, unsurprisingly, Lindell had little substantive to offer as an answer.

In reality, as Klepper noted, Lindell’s antics help foster dangerous anti-democratic animus — meaning resentment against the democratic process in the United States. The pillow company leader has also insisted that Trump will be reinstated as president by August of this year, and he claimed to Klepper that he “showed the whole country a month and a half ago that Donald Trump will be back in in August,” although obviously, Lindell has proven no such thing. No court anywhere in the nation has ever accepted the idea of systematic fraud being responsible for Biden’s victory, but Americans are supposed to take the MyPillow guy’s word for it anyway?

Discussing the rally, Lindell angrily ranted to Klepper as follows:

‘I already have the evidence. You know what this [rally] is doing? Do you guys get it?.. This is a free speech rally, okay? My platform, Frank Speech, [is] for all the individuals, whether they’re Democrat or Republican — right now, if you talk about machines, vaccine, the border, Jesus — you speak up for anything, and YouTube and Vimeo and people like you guys, the journalists, suppress it, cancel us, or try and destroy something good that’s coming out of this.’

Again — he doesn’t “have the evidence,” because there is no real “evidence’ for his claims. Lindell eventually stormed off, walking briskly away apparently right in the middle of the interview and saying “you guys are horrible” as he left. Check out the whole thing below: