Teachers Union Makes Legal Move Against GOP Critical Race Nonsense


The Republican leaders and hacks frame the “critical race theory” as teaching small children to feel guilty for being white, to be ashamed. Well, all that is wrong about that description is — everything. Critical race theory has been a third-year law course, according to the American Bar, not exactly what we would be teaching in second grade. But the GOP persists.

In fact, the critical race theory had not been taught to kids in grade school, junior high, or high school. But there is nothing wrong with teaching children about our history. Without the facts, without an understanding of what racism is, there can be no path to moving beyond that racism. No doubt, the U.S. has had a sordid history of slave ownership. And racism continues. So then, what is the middle ground?

The president of the next-to-largest teachers union Randi Weingarten has taken stand, fighting back against the flood of new state laws restricting teacher’s lesson plans on racism. In fact, she warned, The Washington Post reported:

‘[We will go to court for anyone who] gets in trouble for teaching honest history.’

The president of the American Federation of Teachers took on “conservative lawmakers, pundits, and news sites.” The reason was they were waging a “culture campaign” against an inaccurate idea. Critical race theory explains that racism was a part of American history and as such, it affected everyone and “institution and systems function.” The Republican Party has sent in “parents” to complain to school administrators and boards.

In her virtual professional development conference for union members, Weingarten said:

‘But culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as [critical race theory] to try to make it toxic. They are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history.’

The union has around 1.7 members. Weingarten said that it will add $2.5 million to the $10 million annual lawsuit fund:

‘[The union is] preparing for litigation [to counter these laws] as we speak with a legal-defense fund ready to go.’

Weingarten advocated for reopening all of the classrooms this fall. In addition, she announced that her union would spend $5 million for a “back-to-school campaign.” That campaign would work to keep each person safe from the coronavirus. She also said that 90 percent of all union members had been vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccines being the “game changers:”

‘Schools can reopen this fall in person, five days a week, with mitigation measures, ventilation upgrades and social, emotional and academic supports for students.’

The new laws would “knock a big hole” in students’ understanding of American Weingarten said:

‘We want our kids to have an education that imparts honesty about who we are. We want to raise young people who can understand facts, study the truth, examine diverse perspectives and draw their own conclusions.’

She explained her union’s resolution:

‘[To] fight back against anti-[critical race theory] rhetoric, It is reasonable and appropriate for curriculum to be informed [by critical race theory.]’

George Floyd’s tragic, brutal death sparked racism dialogues across the country. And Republican movers saw a wide opportunity for dividing America even further.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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