Gold Star Military Families Unite Against Donald Trump


Gold Star families — meaning the immediate family members of fallen military personnel who died during times of conflict — are among those fed up with the recent actions of former President Donald Trump.

Specifically, Trump has repeatedly turned in recent rhetorical attacks against Biden to referencing the recent suicide bombing at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan, which claimed the lives of numerous individuals including 13 U.S. service members. Essentially, Trump is brazenly politicizing that tragedy, using it — or trying to use it, at least — for his own political gain. Now, The Daily Beast says that among nine people who’ve lost loved ones amid the so-called War on Terror, “[nearly] all expressed extreme distaste for what they considered Trump’s opportunism—and shared concern about the vulnerability of these newly grieving parents and siblings.”

Derek Davey, whose son Seamus died in Iraq in 2005 while serving in the U.S. Marines, commented as follows regarding Trump’s politicization of the Kabul airport tragedy:

‘It’s reprehensible. It follows along with what he did as president, his pattern of using anything, anybody, to his own personal benefit… He was always the flag-waver, but the things he said, he did… He’s had very little regard for Gold Star families and those who’ve lost their lives in the line of duty. I think it’s notable he’s only mentioning the ones who support him.’

In statements issued through his Save America political action committee, Trump has referenced two specific family members of personnel who died in the Kabul blast, both of whom support him. Seana Arrechaga, whose husband Ofren died in 2011 in Afghanistan, commented as follows, referencing one of those family members:

‘She had every right to feel however she feels. I do agree with that. But to use it as a campaign tactic, to me it feels dirty… I am disgusted by it. Absolutely disgusted by it.’

Another widow whose husband also passed away in Afghanistan in 2011 had similarly harsh remarks for Trump, added the following regarding the situation:

‘Of course it makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s all gross. All of it.’

Meanwhile, Karen Meredith — whose son Ken Ballard lost his life in Iraq in 2004 — said that she “just wish[es]” Trump “would go away.” Wouldn’t that be nice? For now, Trump apparently remains committed to utilizing just about every opportunity available to advance his political agenda. Read more at this link.