Trump Lawyer Headed To Court Over Criminal Tax Fraud Charges


His former daughter-in-law said the Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Allen Weisselberg virtually ate and breathed his job as a testament to his loyalty to Donald Trump’s family business. Actually, he was with the family even before the former president took over, working for the father Fred Trump in 1973. Talk about loyalty.

The CFO has been facing numerous investigations regarding tax fraud. Three months after Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Cyrus Vance Jr. unsealed the charges against him. The DA alleged that the old guy was involved in a 15+ year tax fraud scheme, according to NPR. Now, he has been ordered to appear before the New York State Supreme Court located in Manhattan, New York.

The DA likely hoped that once he was facing charges Weisselberg would fold and rat out the ex-president, but that did not happen. Trump claimed that this was all political, and the CFO pled not guilty.

Not only has the ever-loyal CFO been facing these charges, New York State Attorney General (AG) Letitia James has been investigating Weisselberg. Her office has linked up with the DA’s office in a wide probe into the Trump family New York businesses.

Apparently, Vance and James have mounted an aggressive plan of attack, which included Weisselberg and The Trump Organization attorneys. There was an unannounced appearance in court in August.

Former Investigations Division Chief at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and partner with the law firm Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, Adam Kaufmann, said:

‘The fact that they are having sealed proceedings is consistent with an ongoing grand jury investigation and suggests the district attorney may be considering further charges or defendants.’

The New York DA began his investigation in 2018. That was roughly the time former personal attorney to Trump, Michael Cohen, pled guilty to campaign finance charges. Since then, Cohen began and continues his three-year sentence. Ironic is it not, that the attorney was the only one to actually serve time?

The personal attorney refinanced his own home to pay hush money to two women who had had sex with the near-president. One was an adult entertainer, and the other had an affair with Trump. All this occurred when Melania Trump was having their only child, Barron.

The Trump Organization could also face civil charges at the end of James’ investigation. The AG began her investigation into Trump in 2019 following Cohen’s testimony accusing the ex-president’s business of maintaining two sets of books, one for insurance companies to reduce the values on properties and another to increase the values when he was trying to get loans from banks. James was looking for his tax records, which Trump fought tooth and nail.

But the CFO was not the only one under the gun over taxes. So were Trump’s former bodyguard and his son. Attorney for both the Calamaris, Nicholas A. Gravante Jr. said, The New York Times reported.

‘Matt Calamari Jr. was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury. He appeared today, was immunized, and testified truthfully, all of which are required by law. He is a model citizen, has never violated any law, and is glad to have this distraction behind him.’

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