Pete Buttigieg Debunks Phony GOP Narrative During ‘Meet the Press’


During an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press over the weekend, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg steamrolled over Republican arguments against requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations and touted the progress that the Biden administration and its Democratic allies in Congress have laid out for the people of the U.S.

Predictably, Republicans have lashed out against requirements for vaccinations against COVID-19, although vaccinations against all sorts of diseases have already been long required in everyday situations, like school and international travel. But as Republicans complain, people’s lives are at stake. As Buttigieg put it, discussing vaccine rules for federal personnel:

‘Let’s remember what this is about, fundamentally, which is ending the pandemic. All of us are ready to be done with this pandemic, to be done not just with the death, and the hospitalization, and the grim headlines, but also to be done with the restrictions, and the requirements, and the masks. Putting all of that behind us means getting everybody vaccinated — that’s what these requirements are about.’

Buttigieg also spoke about the bipartisan infrastructure deal that President Joe Biden recently signed into law. He commented as follows:

‘This is about making sure that America is competitive for the rest of this century. We are funding repairs that could begin almost immediately that mayors and states have been wanting to do for a long time, but we’re also building cathedrals here in terms of some of the bridge replacements, or major projects of national significance, or airport terminals, or other things that are going to happen over the years thanks to this generational investment.’

Buttigieg then expressed confidence in the future of the Build Back Better Act, which was recently passed by the House and now awaits further action by the Senate. The legislation constitutes a socially oriented spending package that contains provisions to improve health care access, fight climate change, and more. In the House’s version of the bill, features include a cap on insulin prices at $35 per month and an extension of Medicare benefits to cover hearing-related expenses. Buttigieg referred to the legislation as a whole as “a historic investment in making it easier and more affordable to be a family with kids in this country.” Democrats are delivering — Republicans aren’t. Check out Buttigieg’s comments below:

Former President Trump has already kickstarted his feverish advocacy against the Build Back Better Act. In a recent public statement after the House’s passage of the bill, Trump called on Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to refuse to agree to extending the debt ceiling, as leverage against the legislation — although failing to extend that ceiling when needed would have serious consequences.

As explained by the Treasury Department, the debt ceiling “is the total amount of money that the United States government is authorized to borrow to meet its existing legal obligations,” and failing to appropriately extend the debt ceiling as needed “would cause the government to default on its legal obligations – an unprecedented event in American history,” which “would precipitate another financial crisis and threaten the jobs and savings of everyday Americans – putting the United States right back in a deep economic hole, just as the country is recovering from the recent recession.”