Eric Trump Has A Public Meltdown Over Burner Phone Accusations


Former President Donald Trump’s son Eric has joined the chorus of those within the ex-commander-in-chief’s circles who are freaking out over the progression of revelations regarding January 6. Now, Eric has threatened to bring a defamation lawsuit against an anti-Trump blog for their promotion of a story from Rolling Stone about the supposed usage of burner phones for communications between January 6 rally organizers and people close to the then-president, including Eric. Eric denies that he relied on burner phones for such communications (which, to be clear, have been reported to have been in use on the organizers’ end rather than Eric’s).

Responding to a tweet from that blog, Eric petulantly wrote as follows:

‘Well here is one outlet I can sue for defamation. This will be fun. I’m an incredibly honest, clean guy – unlike Hunter, no drugs, healthy lifestyle, not the “burner phone” type… Tweet saved…’

It’s laughable for a Trump to describe themselves as “incredibly honest” and “clean.” If there’s one defining feature of the Trumps, it’s certainly not their “incredible honesty.” According to the original Rolling Stone report, three burner phones were purchased in the lead-up to January 6 under the direction of Kylie Kremer, who is one of the individuals behind the Women for America First rally that took place in D.C. on January 6 and ended up providing the springboard for the attack on the Capitol. This rally didn’t include explicit plans for violence, but at the event, Trump himself called for a march to the Capitol building, and there are other troubling indications that certain individuals may have been aware of impending violence. Steve Bannon, an overall longtime Trump ally, said the day before the riot that “all hell” would unfold the following day. What did he know?

Reportedly, Kylie insisted on the burner phones being purchased in cash, and she eventually used one of the phones to allegedly communicate with Eric, Eric’s wife Lara, then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, and Trump aide-turned-ally Katrina Pierson. Per the Rolling Stone report, another one of the phones went to Kylie’s mother, Amy Kremer, who was also closely involved in planning for the January 6 rally. Both Kylie and Amy have already been subpoenaed by the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, although the extent of their cooperation — if they’ve even provided any — is unclear.