‘The Lincoln Project’ Goes After Trump For Being A Disgraceful Traitor


In a new video, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project digs into the rhetorical fissures that have been perceived to be developing among former President Trump and other top Republicans. In the video, a narrator — speaking directly to the ex-president — insists that Senate GOP leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and a top strategist of his, Josh Holmes, have “been plotting to get rid of you,” adding: “You’re a joke.” A narrator — again directly addressing Trump — also says that Holmes and McConnell have been angling “to take the GOP away from you. To control RINO candidates loyal only to them. All while raising millions using your name.” A narrator adds that DeSantis “wants to be president” and is “coming for you,” derisively observing: “It’s sad, Donald. So much contempt. So much disrespect. So much laughter behind your back.”

Check out the video below:

DeSantis went on a podcast co-hosted by Holmes and criticized the stay-at-home policies that Trump’s administration encouraged around the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, although obviously, Trump and his political team quickly essentially abandoned that approach. DeSantis has, in fact, been seen as a potential 2024 Republican presidential primary contender, although he has not publicly committed to running — but it doesn’t seem like a stretch to see his incessant spotlight-grabbing as tacitly designed to increase his national profile with a potential presidential bid in mind. In other words, insisting that the Florida governor wants to run for president is an apparent assumption, but it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched notion.

As for McConnell’s approach to Trump, he has publicly acknowledged the responsibility held by the former president in the incitement of last year’s attack on the Capitol — a low bar, but something that many prominent Republicans have failed to reach. NBC reported last month that “there’s no dispute that Trump and McConnell have refused to speak to each other since” the Capitol violence, and Trump has repeatedly publicly criticized McConnell over various issues. Trump has taken credit for McConnell winning re-election in 2020, pointing to his endorsement — although pretending as though a single endorsement from someone who was probably expected to support McConnell anyway turned around the Senator’s chances in a state as generally Republican-leaning as Kentucky is ridiculous. It’s unclear as of this point whether Trump will be running in the next presidential race — he hasn’t formally confirmed it — but that’s what he seems to be preparing for, including with recent rallies further spotlighting his support.