Jan. 6 Fugitive Nabbed For Felonies, Faces Years In Jail


Yet another individual who participated in last year’s Capitol attack and assaulted police officers while there has been arrested by federal authorities and is now facing the possibility of a lengthy stint in jail. The individual in question is Joshua Lee Hernandez, a 28-year-old Tennessee resident who was among those targeted by private citizens who took up investigative work in the aftermath of the riot. Sedition Hunters — a group that’s worked on uncovering the identities of individuals who participated in the Capitol violence — had a series of images showing Hernandez participating in the violence up on their website before his arrest.

Hernandez appears to be facing over half a dozen federal charges, including felony offenses. The alleged felonies include civil disorder and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers, which together carry a potentially lengthy sentence if convicted — although the Justice Department didn’t appear to make a breakdown of the nature of Hernandez’s behavior immediately available to members of the public. The Department did note, however, that he was “among rioters who assaulted law enforcement on Jan. 6 and who entered the Capitol building.” Over 235 of the more than 750 people who have been arrested for participating in the Capitol riot have been specifically alleged to have assaulted or impeded police at the Capitol. When Trump and his Republican allies talk about their supposed support for law enforcement, it should be remembered that the former president also seems fine with essentially sweeping hundreds of physical assaults on cops aside for his political ambitions.

It’s certainly notable that arrests in Capitol riot cases are continuing at a relatively steady pace over 13 months after the initial occurrences that shook D.C. Another arrest revealed this week was that of Michigan resident Matthew Thomas Krol, whose charges include assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers using a dangerous weapon or inflicting bodily injury — a version of the offense that comes with up to 20 years behind bars if found guilty. Prosecutors are also continuing their work on the seditious conspiracy case against members and the leader of the far-right group known as the Oath Keepers over actions in connection to the Capitol violence. Jon Schaffer, a so-called lifetime member of the group, is among those who have flipped, pleading guilty and agreeing to cooperate with authorities in their ongoing investigation.

Featured Image (edited): via Blink o’fanaye on Flickr and available under a Creative Commons License