Russian Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky Killed By Ukrainian Forces


We do not know why the 40-mile-long three-deep convoy of Russian military vehicles moves so slowly or why some of the vehicles have been abandoned. But it is apparent that Russian morale seems to be on the decline, especially now that one of their major generals was killed by the Ukrainians.

Those same vehicles have Russian military meals in them, expired for five and six years. On top of that, the 41st Combined Arms Army of the Central Military District, Andrei Sukhovetsky, was fatally wounded as he fought the Ukrainians eight days into th/e war.

The Deputy of the Combat Brotherhood Russian veterans group, Sergey Chipilev posted on social media:

‘With great pain, we learned the tragic news of the death of our friend, Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky, on the territory of Ukraine during the special operation. We express our deepest condolences to his family.’

The Pravda, a major Russian newspaper, reported Major General Andrew Sukhovetsky began as a platoon commander before rising to chief of staff of the Guards. In 1995, he graduated from the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School.

Executive Director of Investigative Journalism website Bellingcat, Christo Grozev, also posted a tweet that the Major General had been killed in battle, calling it a “major demotivator” for the Russian army.

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Thus far, Russia announced that 498 of its soldiers were killed in Ukraine, and another. It looks as if 1,597 were wounded. British officials disagree with that number. Certainly, that number would be significantly higher and continue to grow.

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