U.S. Military Vets Begin Flying To Ukraine To Fight Against Putin


The attacks on Ukraine by the Russian military at the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin is an attack on democracy, on countries wanting to align with allied nations as part of NATO, and independence. It is clear that there are good guys and bad guys in this fight, and American veterans are ready to join with the good side.

A “surge” of American veterans have headed to Ukraine along with veterans from a number of European countries. Soldiers who had retired from military service after having fulfilled their duty to their country are ready to return to the fight. While there are many ways that Americans and those outside Ukraine can join efforts to aid the people there, experienced fighters are desperately needed.

The U.S. has stood against Russia by sanctioning them, but as one former Marine told The New York Times, there are other ways, more immediate ways, to help.

‘Sanctions can help, but sanctions can’t help right now, and people need help right now, I can help right now.’

After years of pointless wars where the United States’ goals seemed unending – Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and others – veterans are ready to fight a war for a clear and heroic purpose, such as standing with the fledgling democracy in Ukraine, where people are fiercely patriotic and want to remain independent and establish themselves separately from Russia and the long history of the U.S.S.R.

As the marine explained, soldiers have a duty to fight for the right causes and to go where they are most needed.


‘A lot of veterans, we have a calling to serve, and we trained our whole career for this kind of war,. Sitting by and doing nothing? I had to do that when Afghanistan fell apart, and it weighed heavily on me. I had to act.’

Those headed to Ukraine now can expect more backup. A number of veterans have expressed their desire to leave but have not done so yet. However, there are many who, as former Army officer David Ribardo told reporters, are considering joining in with their military brethren.

‘It’s a conflict that has a clear good and bad side, and maybe that stands apart from other recent conflicts. A lot of us are watching what is happening and just want to grab a rifle and go over there.’