City Of Makariv Being Retaken By Ukraine Via Daring Counteroffensive


As Russian attacks in cities across Ukraine continue, in Makariv, a northwest suburb of Ukraine, has been retaken by Ukrainian fighters who pushed back against Russian attackers and forced them back from the area.

Russian soldiers from the area reported “heavy losses” to superiors following their retreat. However, some of the tactics used during the attack have been reported to have included the use of chemical warfare.

According to The Times:

‘Ukrainian officials accused the retreating Russian forces of resorting to banned white phosphorus munitions and in intercepted calls, released by the Ukrainians, Russian troops reported “heavy losses” to their superiors.’

The battle in Makariv is not yet over. Russia continues to try to amass new forces to send into the suburbs, with Ukrainian forces on standby in the area. For now, however, the area has been almost entirely evacuated by Russian troops.

The Times reported on the victories in Makariv, saying that:

‘Moscow has lost its “offensive potential” and is being forced to call in reinforcements from the “depths” of Russia as it retreats in key battles and loses troops to desertion, according to Ukraine. Ukraine’s armed forces said in an update that Russian troops had been “repelled” from Makariv, a strategically important Kyiv suburb, and the Ukrainian flag was raised over the town “thanks to the heroic actions of our defenders.”‘

The defensive attacks by the Ukrainian fighters against the stronger, more heavily resourced Russian military have been surprisingly effective. The morale among Russian troops suffered from the beginning of the invasion a month ago, but the unforeseen strength of the Ukrainian people in defending their homeland and the devastation caused by the attacks have taken their toll.

‘In one call, a soldier in a trench outside the city tells his superior that the Russians are unable to sleep because of the constant Ukrainian attacks and says that most of his unit’s casualties are only 19 or 20 years old.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube