Trump Obsessed Rioter Busted After Bragging On Ride-Share Dashcam


One man made the mistake of assuming his Uber driver shared his hatred. Jerry Daniel Braun was one of those who invaded our U.S. Capitol Building and desecrated it on that fateful day, January 6, 2021. And it appears the alleged insurrectionist just could not keep from boasting. That was the beginning of events that led to his arrest by the FBI.

Court documents were unsealed showing that the California Uber driver went to the FBI and reported Braun. The alleged seditionist told the Uber driver all about ripping down a police barricade. And all the while, the cab was recording Braun on its dashboard camera.

On January 6, right after 7 p.m., one of Trump’s most ardent fans hiked the mile from the Capitol to downtown Washington D.C. and grabbed an Uber, NBC News reported.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) detailed how the man who entered the Uber was bleeding from a wound close to his eye. So the driver asked, according to The AXIOS:

‘So, has it been violent all day?’

That was all his passenger needed to kick off his tale about the day’s events:

‘Well, it started around, right when I got there. I tore down the barricades.’

The Uber driver asked Braun why he would do such a thing, and his passenger replied:

‘So we could get to the Capitol.’

Playing dumb, the Uber man led him on with this question:

‘Well, how’d that work out for ya?’

Braun replied:

‘Well, it looks like, uh, Biden’s gonna be our president.’

But that was not all that the man did at the failed coup. The FBI also found Braun on a police officer’s body camera. The invader wielded a board that was extra long, according to AXIOS. Then, the guy beat a photographer wearing the “PRESS” sign and a helmet by hitting him at least twice.

Another place that Braun screwed up was by sending a text on January 6 to an unidentified recipient:

‘We tried to stop the steal but they wouldn’t let us in, where were you, the writing your next speech, we are sick of all the talk.’

The FBI arrested the alleged terrorist in California. He has been charged with:

‘[O]bstruction during civil disorder, entering and remaining on restricted grounds, and violent or disorderly conduct.’

The FBI also had a warrant to search Braun’s home. And the rioter confessed, according to NBC News, which reported about the FBI’s affidavit. It read:

‘After being asked by the agents if BRAUN had anything he wanted to tell them before he departed the search location, BRAUN responded, ‘Guilty.” When asked what he was guilty of, BRAUN responded, “Everything.”’

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As it turned out, Braun learned that not everyone shares his views.

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