Ukrainian Forces Hit Another High-Profile Russian Warship: reports


According to initial reports shared by sources including the Kyiv Post, Ukrainian defense personnel struck another major Russian warship that was operating in the Black Sea. The new strike reportedly targeted a Russian ship called the Admiral Makarov. If true, the strike would follow a major hit by Ukrainian forces on Russia’s large warship known as the Moskva — Ukraine seemingly struck the Moskva with two missiles, and it sunk. The Moskva was named after Russia’s capital. (That’s the English transliteration of the Russian word for Moscow.)

Initial reports didn’t appear to indicate that the Admiral Makarov — if that’s indeed the affected ship — had sunk following the reported Ukrainian strike, although the Moskva didn’t immediately sink following the Ukrainian hit targeting it, so this matter isn’t necessarily concluded. The Russian ship affected by the newly reported strike, which left it burning, was apparently in the vicinity of Zmiinyi Island, otherwise known as Snake Island, which is where an infamous confrontation between Russian invaders and Ukrainian personnel took place earlier in the current war. It’s there that a Ukrainian defense team relayed a message to a Russian ship of: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself,” as it’s been translated. That message was targeted at the Moskva, it’s worth noting, which Russia since lost. The Moskva was reportedly the largest Russian warship to be lost in battle since World War II.

According to the Kyiv Post, in reference to the new strike: “The usually-reliable Gruz200 military news web platform said a naval source confirmed that a Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missile struck the vessel… A maritime ship tracker showed a Russian rescue ship identified as SPK-46150 en route to the location following a late Thursday night dispatch. An aviation tracker website showed a US Air Force Global Hawk long-range reconnaissance drone over the location at 0500 Friday morning.” In other words, circumstantial evidence supports the notion of a strike. Neither Ukrainian nor Russian forces swiftly confirmed the apparent hit. Ukrainian forces have confirmed strikes on Russian positions located on Snake Island, however — previously, the Putin-targeted country’s forces said they destroyed a Russian command center on the island. An ammunition depot on the island and two Russian boats near it were also hit, according to Ukraine’s military. Earlier, Ukrainian forces also destroyed Russian anti-aircraft weaponry and a communications vehicle on the island, according to the same source.