AG Ken Paxton Sued By Texas State Bar Over 2020 Election Lies


Apparently, it does not pay to help Donald Trump with his ‘Big lie’ of a stolen election, as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton found out. According to the Republican official, the Texas State Bar is suing him for “professional misconduct” surrounding his lawsuit to “overturn the 2020 presidential election” in four states, as The Texas Tribune reports.

Paxton is currently running against George P. Bush, a member of the iconic Bush family and son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The election in their Republican primary face-off will be held in just a couple weeks, and the lawsuit cannot help his profile. He’s already facing other issues, like a case from four former staffers who tipped off authorities about Paxton’s alleged involvement in bribery — and were apparently fired. Top Paxton deputy Brent Webster has also been sued by state legal authorities in connection to the lawsuit targeting those four states, all of which were won by Joe Biden.

Referring to the 2020 election lawsuit, the case against Webster read, in part:

‘His allegations were not supported by any charge, indictment, judicial finding and/or credible or admissible evidence, and failed to disclose to the Court that some of his representations and allegations had already been adjudicated and/or dismissed in a court of law.’

Initially, it’s Paxton who revealed his apparent targeting by the State Bar. He released a statement reading as follows:

‘I have recently learned that the Texas State Bar — which has been waging a months-long witch-hunt against me — now plans to sue me and my top deputy for filing Texas v. Penn: the historic challenge to the unconstitutional 2020 presidential election joined by nearly half of all the states and over a hundred members of Congress. I stand by this lawsuit completely.’

Separately, Paxton has announced an investigation into the Texas Bar Foundation — a separate institution — for supposedly “facilitating” undocumented immigration. (It supports legal services and related education.) Trial attorney and chair-elect of the Texas Bar Foundation Alistair Dawson released the following statement:

‘[The foundation was] disappointed to learn that AG Paxton has decided to use taxpayer dollars on a fruitless exercise.

‘Had AG Paxton taken the time to come and speak with us rather than issue a press release, I am confident that he would have found no wrongdoing on the part of the Foundation. Nevertheless, the Foundation is happy to cooperate and provide the AG’s office with documents and information relevant to the investigation.’

Paxton also ranted as follows:

‘Texas Bar: I’ll see you and the leftists that control you in court. I’ll never let you bully me, my staff or the Texans I represent into backing down or going soft on defending the Rule of Law — something for which you have little knowledge.’

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A 12-member Commission for Lawyer Discipline operating as part of the State Bar handles questions of whether attorneys were in violation of rules of professional conduct and what consequences for such violations would be fitting. Sylvia Borunda Firth, president of the State Bar of Texas, commented:

‘These unpaid volunteers devote countless hours to hearing and considering cases to ensure attorneys are fulfilling their obligations to the public. Without them, the attorney discipline system could not function. We are grateful for their service.’

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Things are not looking good for Paxton in Texas. Stay tuned here.

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