Fed Up Texas Residents Publicly Turn Against Gov. Greg Abbott


President Joe Biden (D) and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) both came to the scene of the mass elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. But they received completely different receptions when they arrived. As the governor moved his wheelchair past the Robb Elementary building, the crowd booed him. They even called out his name as he went past. Clearly, their governor was not welcome.

Later he met up with President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden who were greeted with a warm welcome. But his constituents knew that Abbott cut gun regulations during his time in office.

The parents of one child who was murdered in the mass shooting refused to meet with Abbott. The mother of Alexandria (Lexi) Rubio, Kimberly Rubio, said, ABC News reported:

‘It’s not what Lexi would have wanted.’

But Lexi’s mother blamed herself for not bringing her home after the ceremony. She always had in the past:

‘I have enough “what ifs” on my end, so I am not interested in reading about somebody else’s mistakes, because I already have to live with my own. It wasn’t done on purpose, but it’s still a mistake because I made it, otherwise she’d be home with me. I left my baby at that school.’

Lexi’s parents Felix and Kimberly Rubio, told ABC News that they decided not to meet with Abbott now or ever. Mrs. Rubio said, still speaking about her daughter in the present tense:

‘[M]y Lexi doesn’t even like him.’

Alexandria Aniyah Rubio died on May 24, 2022. Her mother Kimberly Mata-Rubio wrote on her Facebook page:

‘It’s not what Lexi would have wanted.’

Mrs. Mata-Rubio indicated that even as young as her daughter was, she agreed with her parents on gun control:

‘There’s no reason for just an average citizen to have these types of weapons. What for? What do you need them for? Is it worth my kid? These kids?’

Now Felix, who is an off-duty deputy sheriff,  and Kimberly Rubio have called for Texas legislators “to ban AR-15 style weapons.” Mr. Rubio said that he believed those who work with him would restrict guns designed only to kill humans.

The morning of the shooting, both parents went to Robb Elementary School for two awards ceremonies. The first was at 8:00 that morning followed by one at 10:30.

Then, they heard shooting. Felix Rubio returned to the school while the shooter was still in action. And then the police took him out.

Lexi’s mother said:

‘I left my baby at that school.’

The couple hoped that their daughter’s dream could continue:

‘[Lexi] wanted to make a difference. And I want that for her now, she still can.’

The shooter was in a classroom for “77 minutes” prior to the authorities entering and shooting him dead. He had gone through 315 rounds of ammunition “in the first four minutes.”

The Bidens came to show their respect and appeared in this tweet:

‘President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited a memorial at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Sunday. They stopped in front of life-size photos of the shooting victims, placing their hands on each photo and reading their names.’

Then, Abbott arrived:

‘Texas Gov. Greg Abbott met with boos from locals at the Robb Elementary School memorial in #Uvalde.’

And that reaction was not pleasant:

‘The crowd reacts as Governor Abbott @GregAbbott_TX appears on day President Biden @POTUS visits Robb Elementary School.’

Then, there was this about Abbott:

‘Holy shit. This moment should be the end of Greg Abbott’s political career.’

If only.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.

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