Obama Celebrates Memorial Day With Message Of Unity & Hope


Former President Barack Obama shared an inspirational Memorial Day message on Monday morning, providing yet another striking contrast between the level-headed leadership available from Democrats and whatever on earth it is that most Republicans are doing.

Obama pointedly remarked as follows:

‘On Memorial Day, we honor the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and pray for their families—who still love and grieve for them. May God bless our fallen heroes and all who serve.’

On Twitter, President Joe Biden also shared a message Monday in honor of Memorial Day. “On Memorial Day, we remember the patriots who gave their lives in the service of America, in the service of freedom, and in the service of justice,” the president remarked. “We are free because they were brave, and we live by the light of the flame of liberty they kept burning. We are forever grateful.” With many Republicans — and the current party leader — presently focused in large part on obsessions with the last presidential election, could the disconnection between the GOP and the needs of everyday Americans defended by U.S. service members be more clear? Americans are in need — and Republican officials are sticking by leaving dangerous firearms broadly available, imposing new restrictions around elections… and fighting Disney. Republican “culture war” pushes aren’t just ridiculous — they leave real-world Americans behind.

The Biden administration has presided over real-world progress for Americans including decreasing unemployment, rising wages in certain areas — even when inflation is factored in, and dramatic additions of job opportunities to the economy, helping with the economy’s continued recovery from the ravages associated with the onset of the pandemic. And the Biden team continues to help lead the way in assisting Ukraine in their ongoing fight against Russian aggression on their territory. Biden just recently signed $40 billion worth of additional aid tied to the war, including — according to CNBC — $20 billion of defense assistance (including various weapons), $8 billion in broad-based economic aid, $5 billion to deal with potential global food shortages related to conditions in Ukraine, and over $1 billion to assist in the care of refugees — millions and millions of whom have fled Ukraine throughout the conflict.