Russian Elite Come Out Against Ukraine War, In Snub To Putin


Things are not going well for Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has not been able to “crush” Ukraine as he had intended. Back at home, there are those who do not want the terrible expense of war in human life and treasury. And they seem to outweigh those who claim Putin has not been aggressive enough.

The Geneva-assigned Russian diplomat Boris Bondarev quit in a rare and buoyant move, because he was  “so ashamed” of his nation’s behavior, The Washington Post reported.

According to The Associated Press, a local Communist Party legislator from the Far Eastern port city of Vladivostok insisted that Putin halt the war in Ukraine and withdraw the Russian troops. Leonid Vasyukevich told a legislative meeting:

‘We understand that if our country doesn’t stop the military operation, we’ll have more orphans in our country.’

It appeared that the Russians had lost as many of its soldiers as it did during the Soviet Union’s nine-year-long Afghanistan war, the British Defense Ministry reported. Putin has attempted to make light of the military losses, still, the Russian people have begun to catch on to the grim facts.

They certainly did not expect the Russian giant to be outdone by the far smaller Ukraine at Siversky Donets River. Just under 500 Russian soldiers were killed and “80 armored vehicles lost” when the Ukrainian military blew up a crucial pontoon bridge.

A Russian military expert at Australia’s Curtin University, Alexey Muraviev, said in essence, they claim the Russian military has become inept.

Muraviev said:

‘[The Kremlin shows] a complete lack of professional competence.’

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The R. Politik political consultancy out of Paris is headed by Tatiana Stanovaya. She placed an article on her Telegram channel that read:

‘[Putin is] stuck between two worlds. Everyone has already forgotten that Putin was once called a president of half-measures. Of course, everyone is unhappy.’

So where does that leave Putin? Out in the cold?

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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