Ukraine Forces Russian Army To Retreat In Stunning Offensive


Despite reporting that Ukraine has lost a significant amount of ground in Severodonetsk, there is some evidence that they have not fared as badly as originally feared. New reporting shows that Ukraine has held their own in fighting off the attack there.

In desperation over the need to frame the war as being won by the Russian military, Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded the capture of the region. With mass graves filled with Russian soldiers found in the area, however, it appears that the attack has not been as successful as Putin may have wished.

Yahoo! News reports that:

‘According to Yakovina, the political leadership of Russia, namely Vladimir Putin, demands the capture of both Lysychansk and Severodonetsk in order to declare his full control over the Luhansk Oblast. In fact, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk make up — in his opinion — 10% of the entire region. The rest of the territory has been captured.’

The original reporting said that Ukraine had retreated, being beaten back by soldiers from the larger and wealthier countries. As time has gone on, however, the reporting of the progress of Ukranian soldiers over the invaders looks more hopeful.

‘On June 4, reports began to appear that everything was not as bad as it seemed. And the day after, it became clear that the Ukrainian army had prepared an ambush there.’

The smaller and poorer country, along with aid from countries in Europe and in North America, are becoming a David and Goliath story. Their wins have been unexpected and more frequent than experts originally thought.

‘The very fact that Severodonetsk has become a huge mass grave for the Russian army cannot but arouse some interest. An absolutely amazing, heroic story.’