Ukrainian Military Destroys Another Munitions Depot In Crimea


The explosions erupted on the Crimea peninsula, as Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelenskyy ordered a hit on yet another Russian munitions depot by his elite military squad. After taking this portion of Ukraine in 2014, the Russians misguidedly believed that they were safe there from the war on the much smaller nation. And ever since Moscow stole the peninsula, the Russian prize has been a good staging area.

Russian President Vladimir Putin-installed Sergei Aksyonov claimed that there were only two casualties in the attack, and neither died from their wounds  He evacuated 2,000 individuals after the attack near the village of Mayskoye, according to The Daily Beast.

The Moscow propaganda machine, ever active, claimed the attack was merely a fire at a transformer substation. But of course, the people knew the truth.

The Ukrainian “elite military unit” had already taken out a number of Russian fighter jets located on the Crimean airbase just last week, according to The New York Times:

‘A senior Ukrainian official said that an elite military unit was responsible for an attack on Tuesday that sent up a huge fireball and resulted in multiple detonations.’

Once again, Russian media lied and attributed the flaming fireballs to an accident.

Although Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for either of these attacks, Andrii Yermak wrote a message on Telegram saying:

‘Operation ‘demilitarization’ in the precise style of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue until the complete de-occupation of Ukrainian territories. Our warriors are the best sponsors of a good mood. Crimea is Ukraine.’

President Zelensky demanded additional sanctions on Moscow after the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant was nearly bombed. The southern Ukrainian nuclear plant is currently the largest one in Europe. Naturally, Moscow blamed Ukrainian fighters for the bombing.

And yet, the Ukrainians remain loyal to their country. A member of the Ukrainian Department of Defense wrote about his country’s patriotism and military:

‘[H]undreds of thousands of compatriots by the call of their hearts stood up to defend the Homeland in different units of the defence (British spelling) forces. I, previously a civilian and quite public person was lucky to get into the formation – mostly closed, a little bit mystical, rigid, but at the same time attractive – in the special reserve group of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.’

Screen-Shot-2022-08-16-at-8.47.35-AM Ukrainian Military Destroys Another Munitions Depot In Crimea Featured Military Politics Russia Top Stories

The U.S. Department of Defense released a brief video of U.S. airmen loading weapons onto a C-17 Globemaster III plane bound for Ukraine:

‘United States government @usairforce airmen from the 436th Aerial Port Squadron load palletized explosives bound for Ukraineonto a C-17 Globemaster III during a security assistance mission at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.’

Screen-Shot-2022-08-16-at-8.47.05-AM Ukrainian Military Destroys Another Munitions Depot In Crimea Featured Military Politics Russia Top Stories

Hopefully, this means that the Ukrainians believe they have a chance at taking back the peninsula.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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