Protesters Assemble In State Capitol To Protest Gun-Nut NRA’s CEO After Shootings


As mass shootings around the United States continue with the enabling of hesitant Republican legislators who refuse to take the popular actions available to curtail access to dangerous firearms and weaponry in a meaningful way, Indiana state Senators decided on a resolution honoring the National Rifle Association on Tuesday, and the group’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre, also showed. Protesters also assembled.

“How many more people are going to have to die?” one of the demonstrators asks in a video as LaPierre walks by while at the Capitol. “How many children? Law enforcement officers? Adults?” “Yesterday – at the very last minute – Indiana @MomsDemand volunteers found out that the state senate was honoring NRA CEO Wayne Fucking LaPierre on the Senate floor … after two mass shootings,” Shannon Watts, founder of the activism organization Moms Demand Action, said. “These volunteers ran to the statehouse to make their presence known.” She shared footage of protesters.

Some of the recent incidents of deadly gun violence that have struck the United States include the recent mass shooting at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, and another more recent attack at a bank in Kentucky. There have been waves of protests, including by students who recently held walkouts at schools in state after state across the country after the incident in Nashville, where three young children, alongside three adults, were shot and killed. Police killed the shooter onsite.

As previously reported on this site, student protests were seen in Texas, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, Tennessee, New York, and elsewhere. In Texas, those conducting demonstrations for change included students at Uvalde High School, who go to school in the locale where the mass shooting last year at Robb Elementary School saw nearly two dozen killed in an incident perpetrated with a legally obtained firearm, meaning a change to the legal parameters around those weapons could’ve stopped it from happening, contrary to Republicans’ self-confident lies.

Also unfolding has been a controversy around the decision by the Republican majority in the Tennessee state House to expel two Democratic lawmakers after they joined in support of protests for gun control in the front of the chamber itself. One of those Democrats was already returned to his position in an interim capacity by the local administrative body in his home area responsible for keeping a legislator in place.