Adam Kinzinger Rips Kevin McCarthy For Helping To Advance Extremism


Adam Kinzinger, the former Republican Congressman from Illinois who retired after becoming one of the few elected members of the GOP on the rhetorical national stage to break with Trump and acknowledge the reality of the 2020 election’s integrity, is keeping up the pressure.

Now, Kinzinger is among those expressing concerns after the leak of sensitive military documents by a member of the Air National Guard — an individual who Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has praised as some kind of valiant whistleblower, besides also misrepresenting the substance of what that individual actually revealed. “Allowing @RepMTG to lionize the new American traitor, is dangerous for future security of this country,” Kinzinger tweeted. “@SpeakerMcCarthy is reckless by not reacting, and EVERY house member on GOP side must speak up or never feign outrage again.”

House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has addressed the situation with the documents — and in comments made on Twitter, he didn’t even mention the individual responsible for the unauthorized disclosures at all! How cravenly committed to pleasing the interests of a far-right base must you be for condemning the leak of classified military materials to somehow become difficult? Lives could be at stake, should intelligence sources and methods or military plans of the U.S. or its allies be revealed. McCarthy could barely be bothered. “The Biden administration has failed to secure classified information,” he claimed in a tweet. “Through our committees, Congress will get answers as to why they were asleep at the switch.” Weren’t these the same people hopped up out of their minds at Hillary Clinton’s deceptively alleged mishandling of sensitive info? Where’s their outrage at the perpetrator in this serious scenario?