George Santos Introduces Four Bills That Get ZERO Co-Sponsors In Congress


George Santos, the disgraced Republican Congressman in New York who is somehow still in office, has introduced four bills in his short stint in the U.S. House, and none of these bills have garnered a single co-sponsor. Although it may often be the case that co-sponsor totals are well below the level of support a bill gets in a vote, even some of the more extreme proposals from figures like Matt Gaetz get more than zero!

The four bills from Santos range in subject, including a measure introduced late last month that would restrict providing funding to national governments that engage in discrimination on the basis of someone’s gender, and the examples of this discrimination cited in the proposal suggest it’s intended to target certain majority-Muslim countries with authoritarian governments. It’s rather toothless, though, since it allows exceptions if it’s determined “such proposed obligation or expenditure is vital to the national security interests of the United States,” which goes undefined in the bill text itself.

Santos, who it seems is running for re-election despite polling suggesting an overwhelming level of opposition in his district, even among Republicans, also introduced a measure that would require annual cognitive tests for presidents. It’s a rather bizarre bill, which specifies that a lack of compliance would result in temporary limits on providing funds for presidential travel and specifically asserts that results from the exams shall be made available on the White House website no matter the limits established in federal law on the distribution of private health information. The bill reflects consistent complaints on the Right about supposedly concerning signs around Biden’s mental stability. Biden isn’t the one posting delusional, sometimes all-caps rants on Truth Social, where the actual internet user responsible for those mental meltdowns — meaning Trump — has also spoken of so-called death and destruction accompanying an indictment.