Biden Sails To Majority Support In New Survey As 2024 Race Gets Going


According to data collected by Rasmussen Reports, the portion of overall respondents indicating they approve of the job Joe Biden is doing in office has reached the highest level since what appears to be July 2021, shortly after he took office.

This newly high level of approval, at 51 percent of poll participants, comes after Biden formally confirmed his expected campaign for another term, with accompanying support — from former President Barack Obama, the powerful Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, and others — quickly emerging. Considering the struggles seen by Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis to launch himself particularly far beyond the political scene in his state, it seems likely that the general election match-up in 2024 will be the same Americans saw last time, with Trump and Biden up. DeSantis has been considered the potential contender with the best shot at a primary bid against Trump, considering the governor’s polling record and high-profile image, and he still might wage an ultimately unsuccessful campaign.

In the new numbers from Rasmussen, 51 percent approved of Biden’s job performance, while 49 percent disapproved. He has come close to that level of approval more recently than 2021, per the site’s numbers. (The latest figures were dated April 27.) The weighted average of polling on the level of approval for Biden collected by the elections data and analysis site FiveThirtyEight showed disapproval still ten percent ahead on Thursday, but with what even are potentially outliers like the new Rasmussen numbers, optimism seems warranted. In general election polling of a second round between Biden and Trump, the record is so far mixed, much like it was last time around.