Democrat Campaigning To Replace Liar George Santos Comes Out Swinging


Anna Kaplan, a New York Democrat, is continuing to build her campaign to unseat George Santos, a Republican Congressman in his first term who is now facing federal criminal charges covering accusations of financial misdeeds.

Santos was charged after a series of his lies emerged, covering a seemingly staggeringly broad portion of his life. At this point, it seems Santos has lied about where he went to school and worked, his family’s connection to the Holocaust, his income (per prosecutors), and even playing — and becoming injured during! — college sports in his non-existent higher education stint. Polling has already suggested Santos won’t be returning to Congress even if he wants another term, as a survey shared by the local publication Newsday well before his charges found over three-fourths of his constituents in support of the idea of his resignation. Now, prosecutors have even accused him of collecting unemployment assistance for which he wasn’t eligible while he actually maintained employment!

“New York’s 3rd is home to hundreds of veterans who put their life on the line for our country,” Kaplan said in a recent Twitter post, referring to the district that Santos represents. “Instead of protecting them, George Santos voted to cut their healthcare benefits. Residents of our district will remember Santos’ cowardice. Help me defeat him.”

Kaplan was seemingly referring to a House Republican initiative to slash government spending along with raising the debt limit so the federal government can take the necessary action to deal with previously established expenses. Democrats claimed implementing the GOP plan would force cuts of 22 percent across many critical government programs, including help for military veterans.