Trump Lawyers Gather At Justice Dept For Potential Last-Minute Begging Before Charges


Donald Trump’s legal team showed up at the federal Justice Department early Monday for what signs suggested could be last-minute complaints ahead of criminal charges for their client in the federal investigation that’s been ongoing into the handling of classified documents recovered from Donald’s possession.

Trump has been publicly defiant in response to that probe, asserting, for instance, that he in fact took key documents during a recent town hall on CNN, besides his general complaints about the investigative process led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Donald’s public commentary probably hasn’t provided much more than a headache to his lawyers. News reports also recently revealed the existence of a recording of Trump apparently admitting after leaving the presidency to holding onto a classified document — a protected status he allegedly acknowledged, which could implicate him in knowing violations of various rules for the handling of these sensitive materials.

Prosecutors have clearly taken an interest in the conversation, as subpoenas reportedly were sent earlier this year for materials related to the claimed document that Donald referenced on the tape. Allegedly, Donald’s team couldn’t find a copy of the actual file Trump could be heard discussing, which related — at least as he told it — to Mark Milley and Iran.

“Trump’s lawyers just spotted by @CBSNews entering the Justice Department, per @RobLegare who is on site… comes as sources tell me the special counsel is moving toward a charging decision in the classified documents case,” CBS’s Robert Costa said in an early Monday post.

The federal jury that has been hearing evidence was also recently reported to be getting back together after a break, and it’s this jury that would seemingly provide the needed approval for any charges pursued by Smith and his team against Trump or any associate.

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